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Sara Price ventures into Japan's Suicide Forest to find her missing twin sister, but whilst there she confronts a supernatural terror.

The story for The Forest is intriguing, centering on a a pair of twin sisters played by Natalie Dormer (Game Of Thrones). One twin goes missing in a forest known for suicides and her sister sets out to find her, it's an interesting premise and one that lends itself to potentially be very creepy and scary, but unfortunately The Forest is neither of those things.

Sara and Jess both played by Dormer love each other dearly but they don't necessarily see eye to eye. As children, a traumatic event forever changed both of their perspectives on life, Jess would open herself up to darkness and embrace it, whilst Sara looked away and denied it. This is shown in the not so subtle costume and make up design, Jess of course has dark, black hair and eye shadow and dresses only in dark colors whilst her sister is blonde and dresses in lighter clothes. When Sara learns of her sister's disappearance she instinctively knows that she isn't dead despite how many people tell her that she is. She knows this because of a sense and connection she has with her twin sister.

With the story set up and Sara venturing into the forest with a man she's not sure she can fully trust, scares should hopefully ensue but The Forest ultimately fails. It sets out to scare and unnerve with a number of jump scares but none of them work, and it won't leave you with any form of fear after the terribly lazy conclusion which felt awkwardly rushed. Sara is warned to not stray from the path because if you get stuck in the forest after dark, there is no one who can save you. When Sara insists that she stay in the forest she quickly realizes that the warnings were right as she becomes haunted and toyed with by the spirits of the dead surrounding her.

As well as not being remotely scary, The Forest also struggles to remain interesting, the set up is curious enough but after a long while of the character walking endlessly through the woods and encountering strange spirits, all interest was lost and seemingly that's how the filmmakers also felt as the film's ending feels tacked on and rushed. The film attempts to delve deep into its characters psychology which I can appreciate because the filmmakers are trying to make this more than what it is, but like I said, it's very uninteresting and that's because the characters aren't compelling in the slightest despite Dormer delivering a decent enough performance.

The Forest isn't a movie you'll likely remember mere days after seeing it, it's watchable but it's just not satisfying. What we want from a film like this is to be frightened, to leave the movie feeling spooked, and unfortunately The Forest fails to deliver.

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