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If you're like me and you enjoy both sports and movies, it's nice to see when the two cross over for a film! Whether it's football, basketball or maybe even UFC! Some of these roles are more prominent than others, but let's take a look anyhow!

1. Ronda Rousey - Furious 7

One of UFC's biggest properties made a great appearance in the super smash hit, Furious 7 as a bad-ass, sweet-fighting hench-woman. Her role wasn't massive, but it was a good start on her acting career!

She's recently come off losing to Holly Holm by knock-out, and ever since then, she's been trying to slowly come back into light. She's also really adamant on playing Captain Marvel. I'm not so sure, what do you guys think? Check out the image she shared on Instagram below!

Ronda for Captain Marvel?
Ronda for Captain Marvel?

2. David Beckham - Goal

Bend it like Beckham!
Bend it like Beckham!

As a football fan, seeing the movie Goal was a dream come true. The movie itself wasn't fantastic, but it had some of my favorite stars in football and that's all that mattered. Their acting was much to be desired, but it was well enjoyed nevertheless!

This movie spawned two sequels, only one of which I saw. I would love to see a top quality remake of this movie in todays world with todays stars. Imagine seeing Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi trying to act? Golden stuff! Possibly my favorite player ever, Steven Gerrard, who had a short cameo in the first Goal!

3. LeBron James - Trainwreck

Cleveland Cavaliers small forward, LeBron James had a very funny role in last year's hit comedy, Trainwreck. He played the role of himself where he was Aaron's (Bill Hader) good friend in the movie. He had a best friend type role where he would give Bill Hader's character advice on his relationship which was hilarious. I could definitely see LeBron as an actor in the future!

4. Michael Jordan - Space Jam

Nothing says 90's like Michael Jordan's Space Jam. Sticking with the Basketball theme right when Jordan was at the top of his game, this absolute classic was made. Combining animation and live action to get this fantastic family film! There are reports that we'll be seeing Space Jam 2 in 2017! That would be an absolute dream!

5. David Beckham - The Man From U.N.C.L.E

I wouldn't blame you if you didn't know this small cameo. In TMFU, Beckham can be seen for about a second beside a projector where he looks quite disguised and hard to make out! I even missed this one when I saw the movie! Nothing like some movie trivia for your friends though, right?

6. Mike Tyson - The Hangover

This is one of the most well known ones on this list, and was one of the stellar moments of the hit comedy, The Hangover. Boxing maestro Mike Tyson has a great role in the movie where he plays himself and poses a mighty threat when the Wolfpack steal his tiger. This arc made for a classic comedy that the two sequels just couldn't live up to.

7. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson -

You're probably thinking that this is a weird one to have on the list seeing as Dwayne Johnson is one of Hollywoods biggest earners now, but he did start as a WWE wrestler and then move on to becoming an actor. Nowadays, he's bigger than ever, in terms of size and popularity! Starring in blockbusters such as San Andreas, Furious 7 and this year's, Central Intelligence (with Kevin Hart).

His first major role on this big screen was the tame, The Mummy Returns. This movie didn't receive great reviews, but it did propel The Rock to our cinema screens.

8. Bruce Lee - Fists of Fury

Bruce Lee is one of martial arts' biggest legends and he turned himself into quite the actor providing insane stunts and stunning fight scenes that have since gone on to become iconic. Fists of Fury is my personal favorite Bruce Lee movie, to see why, check out the insane clip below!

9. Eric Cantona - Looking For Eric


This one for me is the strangest one on the list as Eric Cantona is one of Manchester United's greatest ever strikers, and to see him star in a movie was a very strange thing to see! Weirdly enough, it done quite well with the critics with a 66 Metascore on! If you're a football fan and you've never heard of this film, you have to check the trailer below!

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Hercules in New York

Big Arnie didn't jump straight to being the iconic Terminator back in the day, he was crazy into body building I'm sure you know. His first film was Hercules in New York and was quite a big film for him that spawned a very profitable career that spawned decades! Still acting to this day and kicking ass in the likes of Terminator Genesis and The Expendables.

So that's the list guys! Did I miss any of your favorite sportstars? Is there any sportstars you'd like to see in a movie? It'd be Mr. Conor McGregor for me, for sure! Let me know in the comments!


Which is your favorite sport?


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