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There's not long now to go until the long awaited Game of Thrones Season 6 hits our screens, with the first episode set to premiere on HBO April 24, 2016.

This season is perhaps one of the most anticipated yet, as Season 5 left us with a slew of cliffhangers yet to be resolved. Season 6 will also move ahead of and apart from the books as the narrative takes a never before seen tangent, so it's more difficult than ever to speculate about what we'll be seeing.

What does this meeeaaann!?
What does this meeeaaann!?

The next book in the series, Winds of Winter won't be out before Season 6 airs, as confirmed by series author George R. R. Martin. But the usual spoilers still emerge, sites such as Winter Is Coming and Digital Spy citing mysterious sources for their material.

So how likely are these spoilers? Let's take a look...

Oh and it should go without saying, but possible spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6 lurk below.

Bran Recovers The Use Of His Legs?

We've known for a while now that Season 6 would see the return of Brandon "Bran" Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) following his absence in Season 5, and the new season will chart his attempts to hone his newfound Sight as a Warg.

The above image of the eldest living Stark boy standing beside acclaimed actor and newcomer to Game of Thrones Max Von Syndow was released recently and he appears to be standing upright, suggesting that he's somehow cured his paralysis.

However, given that Von Syndow was cast as the Three-Eyed Raven, it's possible that this could be a vision. And if you recall back in Season 4, the Three-Eyed Raven told Bran: "You will never walk again. But you will fly." Starting flapping those wings Bran.

The Hound Returns?

This is an interesting one because there's actually a very convincing fan theory (based on the books admittedly) that suggests that anti-hero Sandor "The Hound" Clegane (Rory McCann) didn't actually die when he was abandoned by Ayra Stark (Maisie Williams) in Season 4.

The Gravedigger Theory states that the Hound didn't actually die, but rather ended up at a monastery on an island called the Quiet Isle. Brienne arrives at the Quiet Isle during A Feast For Crows and notices a novice monk digging graves. The theory suggests that this novice monk is in fact the Hound, still recovering from his injuries (and you can read more about that theory here).

Even though it's a pretty interesting theory it is based on the events of the books, so there's no reason that the show's writers have to include it in the series; and there are many other possibilities for what could have happened to Sandor after Ayra left him. However if they do decide to bring him back, this gives them a pretty interesting way in which to do it.

There's also been a report from Watchers on the Wall that suggests that McCann has been on site for Season 6 filming, though keep in mind that this is from an unconfirmed source.

Ned Stark Returns!

Okay, don't get too excited. Sean Bean isn't coming back with a stitched on head, but rather Eddard "Ned" Stark will be appearing in a flashback (or flashbacks) portrayed by 13-year-old English actor Sebastian Croft.

It has been speculated that this flashback will be linked to Bran's visions as they appear in the book, namely one of Ned's younger sister Lyanna Stark who was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen and died before the events of the show take place.

A very popular theory in the fandom is that Lyanna and Rhaegar are in fact the true parents of the (probably, maybe, we don't know) deceased Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), so the return of young Ned — and reports that scenes have been filmed at the Tower of Joy, the place where Lyanna was held by Rhaegar — could shed some light on this issue.

ANOTHER One Returns From The Dead?

This one follows reports and images of Sibel Kekilli being spotted on set in Peñíscola, Spain when the series was filming last year. You may remember Kekilli as Shae: Tyrion's traitorous ex-lover who he offed in a rather violent but no less deserved manner in Season 4.

In the leaked photos, Kekilli appears conversing with actor Conleth Hill (who plays Varys) and show-runner David Benioff, so it's clear that she wasn't there just for a flying visit. She's also been snapped in costume so it's safe to assume that she'll be appearing in Season 6.

As she was quite clearly strangled to death in Season 4, it's unlikely she'll be rejoining the cast in the present narrative. More likely she'll show up in a flashback, vision or hallucination. Peter Dinklage has also been filming for Game of Thrones in Peñíscola, so it seems likely that her return (in whatever form it may be) will be linked to Tyrion Lannister as her image still haunts him.

And as for the big question as to whether or not Jon Snow is really, really dead? Well, we'll just have to wait until April 24, 2016 to find out for sure.

For more spoilers and speculation check out '' for the full breakdown.


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