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Movie's and I have a special kind of relationship. Also books are life.
Lauren Victoria

Kate Winslet plays the intriguing Myrtle 'Tilly' Dunnage, a traveled woman of beauty and class, whom returns to her Australian hometown Dungatar. The femme fatale dressmaker makes quite an impression on the towns folk, digging up the towns dirty past, facing her own demons and coming to terms with who she really is.

With the help of Liam Hemsworth who plays the charming and devoted Teddy McSwiney, Tilly realizes it's not her that is evil or cursed, but the ruthless, twisted town she was brought up in. With this in mind and with some encouragement from her mentally ill mother, Tilly enacts her revenge on the town using her gifted dressmaking skills.

This is a story of love conquering the cruelties of humanity and the world. It's filled with thought provoking ideas that highlight the true nature of society, whether it be in Dungatar or your own home town. It's a beautiful story you soon become swept up in, the colorful dresses and Winslets intriguing beauty go long way. Winslet has always been good at portraying emotion and this movie just goes to show the extent of that power.


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