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I love T.V series and movies specially if its base in the comics.

Spoiler Ahead! For tonight episode of The Flash, titled "KING SHARK"

The Cliffhanger of tonight's episode in really Brain Breaking and trust me your not alone pal.

So in the past episode which is "Escape From Earth-2" we saw Barry and his crew came back from Earth-2 while Zoom is chasing.

And apparently Jay is dead because Zoom killed him in the ending scene of the previous episode "Escape From Earth-2"

So in tonight's ending episode Zoom carries Jay Garrick's "Corpse" (Lets assume that his dead) back to his "Lair" (As Cisco's likes to call it) drop in the floor and finally he take off of his mask and we saw........

Jay Garrick! Yes its Jay Garrick. The Man in the black suit with blue lightning trails is still Jay Garrick or just a look-alike of the real Jay Garrick.

There just 2 possibilities of who this guy really is: He's really Jay Garrick, or His the Earth-1 Doppelganger Hunter Zolomon.

Well in the comics Hunter Zolomon became Zoom. A villain who can mimic super speed by moving between seconds.

"Zoom's identity has been revealed: he is Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a Jay Garrick." executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells Ew.

So its Confirm that that Zoom is really Hunter Zolomon.

We also saw the guy with the metal helmet (Which they say the real "Jay Garrick" and they have a theory about it) and was also shocked of what he had saw, the dead body of Jay.

So you might be confuse right about now and leaving a questing in your mind. So who is the man with The Metal Helmet is he the REAL Jay Garrick? Is it The Earth-1 Jay who died? Or Earth-1 doppelganger killed his Earth-2 doppelganger?

We'll find out on March 22, 2016, when the series return from its 4 week slumber. The Flash airs on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW


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