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Daredevil what a great TV series, & the show runner S. DeKnight has come to the rescue by taking the helm of Pacific Rim 2. Pacific Rim 2 has had a plethora of issues, from delays to rescheduling to Guillermo Del Toro insisting the film hasn’t been cancelled. That all seems irrelevant now! So what does this mean?

So it all began when Pacific Rim was to begin its filming last year, possibly in November. It was delayed then put on hold and rumours circulated of it being rescheduled & then cancelled altogether. The initial reason for the film being put on pause was due to Del Toro’s large list of commitments.

It should be noted that this will be DeKnight’s first time directing a feature film, but his most recent work has been nothing short of amazing and attention grabbing, for all the right reasons! Daredevil was extremely well received and so was the visually impressive Spartacus created for Starz. DeKnight will direct from a script that was written by Jon Spaihts (to which he’s credited for wiring Prometheus & the upcoming Doctor Strange film) which limits his input as such, alongside him will be Del Toro as he will remain attached to the project as a producer.

I will find the end product incredibly interesting. Given the different director and potential for a different direction this could give the Franchise a new look, given DeKnight’s dark outlook (i.e. Daredevil) we could be in for a gritty Pacific Rim which would bode well with viewers such as myself.

My main question is when will the project actually start? We have all the parts there and the rocket is ready to take off! But given Del Toro’s busy schedule it looks like film fans will have to hang on just that little bit longer! Given I really enjoyed the original Pacific Rim film I really can’t wait for this one! What are your thoughts?


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