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Before we race off in a flash (see what happened there), I need to let you know that this article will feature both spoilers and opinions. So with that being said...

I warned you twice before we got to this point so the weight of Earth-2 will have to rest on your shoulders. Tuesday's episode of The Flash entitled "King Shark" gave us a lot to think of. Why didn't Argus implant a heart monitor in King Shark? Why does anyone date Caitlin (they all die)? Why is Wally such a dick? Although I'd like to be able to give an answer to all of those questions, I just don't have them.

*Cries uncontrollably*.

Give me a second to get myself together...

OK... I'm cool now. Episode 15 was good for many reasons. It marked the first real interaction between the future "Dash Brothers" (trademarking that name), it allowed for a partnership that we deserve but not the one we need in Diggle and Barry (maybe we needed it a little bit), and it finally revealed to us the true face of evil, the Anti- Flash, Mr. Zoom Zoom himself... Jay Garrick.

That's right Jay Garrick A.K.A. the man who leaves the room and doesn't return for days (like seriously where does he go). Anyway I am here to try and tie together this tangled web of deceit. Follow along


This is Teddy Sears, or as we know him; Jay Garrick. Since his introduction he has been pretty straight forward; Earth-2's flash who was sucked through the breach and has lost his powers (Whammy). As we progressed along we learned that not only is he powerless, but that he is also dying at a rapid pace (Double Whammy). A few episodes later we were told that his loss of powers and condition are all a result of a sort of speedster steroid known as Velocity 6 (Whammanjaro). For his stint on The Flash, Jay has been portrayed as a tragic hero, one who is both afraid of Zoom but also willing to lay down his life to stop him.


The ending of episode 14 left fans in total shock as Zoom pulled a Scorpion on an unsuspecting Jay (GET OVER HERE), and ripped him back through the breach. I thought we would all have to wait a while to find out what became of our Earth-2 comrade. I was wrong. The ending of episode 15 revealed the fate of one, Mr. Jay Garrick: he's dead. But it wasn't his death that shook us to the core. It was the unmasking of the villain Zoom that put us all on our collective heels.

Screenshot from CW
Screenshot from CW

That's right folks Zoom is Jay Garrick. Yup... Jay Garrick

*Allow it to sink in*

*I'll wait*

*You seem ready*

"WHAT?!? How can this be," you ask yourselves. "We just saw Jay die."

This is true, but we have also seen Eobard Thawne assault himself as both the wheelchair bound Harrison Wells and as his sadistic alter ego Reverse Flash. I included that history lesson in order to show you that in the world of The Flash, you CAN be in two places at once. This next part goes a long way into helping close the breach that is Jay's identity.

The Man with the Iron Mask

If you watch The Flash then you probably have suspected this also; this prisoner of Zoom is the REAL Jay Garrick. He was introduced a few episodes back and has been a topic of discussion in his own right. During episode 14, Barry and Jesse (Earth-2 daughter of Harrison Wells) combined their IQ's in order to decipher the tap code of this prisoner and what the two got were three simple letters: J-A-Y. Barry begins to shout "Jay Garrick" to which the prisoner happily begins to nod for. This excitement ends when Barry claims that Jay is on Earth-1. The prisoner begins to go into a fit of rage over the proclamation. This is easily one of the most telling signs that everything isn't what it appears. In the comics, Jay was a veteran of world war 2 with a prolonged life span because of his connection to the speed force. The prisoner could be either an older Jay or Dc could stick with the new 52 and television shows version of a younger Jay. I also believe the helmet on his head isn't to help hide his beautiful mug.

I believe the mask is made of the same material that stops a meta from using its power. What good is a masked Jay as a prisoner though?

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Over the course of two episodes we have met three Jay Garricks (assuming masked man is Jay). It would be very confusing to figure out what is going on and why is the masked version a prisoner of Zoom's. If we look at all the clues the show has given us then it's pretty easy to put it all together. Let me begin with why I think the masked man is a prisoner, and sadly I think it is easily one of the most overlooked things. The masked prisoner Jay is no more than a battery pack for Zoom. Over the course of Zoom's reign of terror we see that he only cares about one thing: speed. Bare with me for this next part, the Jay we know from Earth-1 and Zoom not only share the same face, but possibly the same fate. Both are dying from the the cancer-like disease, Zoom keeps masked Jay around not for greed but for need. He needs to drain his speed in order to combat his dying cells, but since Jay is a real speedster he will recover which allows him to be a constant source of energy. I have been wondering why Zoom and Earth-1 Jay don't have their own connection to the speed force and I think the answer to that was revealed along time ago by an unlikely source: OLIVER QUEEN.

The true speed force chose the masked Jay and not the other two, so they may have the same genetic DNA as him but they don't have the same connection. The other two Jays are either doppelgangers created from his DNA or different versions of him. This is all theory right now but this is what I am putting my money on. Here's to hoping we don't have to wait too much longer, outside of the one month that is.

Side note- The Earth-1 version of Earth-2 Jay Garrick named Hunter Zolomon was just Zoom out of disguise.


What do you think of this connection?


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