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"A hand closed around Eddie’s foot…The soft yet strong grip startled him so much that he almost lost his balance and tumbled into the canal.
It’s one of the queers the big kids are always talking about, he thought, and then he looked down. His mouth dropped open. Urine spilled hotly down his legs and stained his jeans black in the moonlight. It wasn’t a queer.

It was Dorsey.

It was Dorsey as he had been buried, Dorsey in his blue blazer and gray pants, only now the blazer was in muddy tatters, Dorsey’s shirt was yellow rags, Dorsey’s pants clung wetly to legs as thin as broomsticks. And Dorsey’s head was horribly slumped, as if it had been caved in at the back and consequently pushed up in the front.
Dorsey was grinning......"

IT is a book that first scarred my soul at the tender age of 13 (and 8 times since then) and truly is a remarkable, terrifying, heartfelt and unforgettable piece of art. renowned for being one of King’s scariest novels; the story itself is about what form a person’s worst nightmares take, and how they seem impossible to get rid of. A group of several children (The Loser's Club) in the story meet their deepest fears one-on-one and it’s up to them both as children and as adults to team together to beat the evil entity which lies in the town they live called Derry. Facing a monster of unknown origins, IT originated before the creation of Universe itself and IT's favourite form is that of Pennywise The Dancing Clown. Who every three decades awakens and preys on the local children, all of the child murders IT commits are never solved. Because not only can IT shapeshift into your greatest fears. But IT can also manipulate people and use them as pawns into doing IT's bidding, either by assuming a form most familiar to them, promising them their desires, or through intimidation. Thus, having great control over nearly everything that happens in Derry.....

The book is truly a masterpiece and it is why IT is held in very high regard to most of King fan's. Infact the 1990 TV-Adaptation doesn't even come close to the horror that is found within IT's blood splattered pages. A truly epic story (Epic in every sense of the word) that magnifies Mr King's talent's of making you live, breathe, walk and smell the town of Derry and feel the fear of the victim's as they face, get tormented, chased and be brutally murdered by the many monstrous forms of Pennywise. If you haven't read the book, this year is a good time. But now let's take a look at some of the situations and encounters from the novel. That never made it to the televised version. That I hope as a huge IT fan, can be inserted into the upcoming 2-Part Remake.....

1. The House on Neibolt Street

On several occasions in IT, the Losers find themselves at 29 Neibolt Street, a run-down, abandoned house near the trainyard. It is in this house – or rather, under the house's front porch, where Eddie Kaspbrak firstly has a truly horrific encounter with IT. whilst snooping around outside the house, the boy's mind starts to wonder and think about a local creepy urban legend about Hobo's giving blow-job's for cash on Neibolt Street. just then suddenly, after sensing Eddie's dark trail of thought, the demonic-being uses this and shows ITself, as a mix between a homeless leper and IT's familiar Pennywise form....

"Come back here, kid! I’ll blow you for free. Come back here!...want a blow-job for a quarter or a dime??, ...COME BACK ANYTIME!!!"

Later Eddie tells them his story, Bill and Richie go to investigate the house and are chased off by IT, the creature having taken the form of a werewolf. Soon after these incidents, the Losers Club goes back to the house in hopes of confronting IT, which they do and end up wounding the creature with a silver slug and IT scream's in pain, then disappears into the sewers through a toilet pipe......

2. Ben Hanscombe Crossing The Bridge

While Ben is crossing the canal on his way home from school. Pennywise appears down on the frozen water calling his name. He becomes nervous realising the clown hasn't cast IT's own shadow and suddenly let's go of one of the balloon's IT's been carrying, which then floats against the direction of the howling wind, as if it wasn't a physical object, but instead was some kind of weird apparition like the clown. The ghost-like balloon bop's as it pushes through the gale force currents, like a knife through butter in the kids direction. Beneath the bridge on the river, IT chuckles after being alerted to Ben's greatest figure of dread and begins to rapidly transform and manifest its shape from Pennywise into Boris Karloff's The Mummy!. The boy panics in fear and tries to run, but slip's on the ice injuring himself, Yet is trying desperately to get his chubby arse off the ground quickly!, because his ears are now beginning to hear heavy footsteps, that are crushing the snowflakes beneath them as they walk and are fastly approaching. Ben feels hopeless, realising that the bandaged spectre is now walking up the ditch towards the footpath on the bridge. He whimpers to himself. Whilst IT giggling with glee, gets closer...and closer...and closer....

They float, Ben! They all float! Try one and see!”

3. IT's Amazing Transformation Ability's

Now that the film will have a much larger budget, I do hope the movie will showcase the entity's amazing shape-shifting abilitys a bit better, be IT the swarm of Flying Leeches that suck on Patrick Hockstetter, The Shoal Of Piranha in the stream, The Giant Bird that tries to fly-off with Mike Hanlon in IT's talons, The Big Statue in the town square that tries to knock Ritchie Tozer head off with IT's Axe, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, Frankenstein or even Jaws swimming in the canal, that's right...I mean as in The Great White Shark......

“I am eternal. I am the Eater of Worlds.”

4. "Ritual Of Chüd"

Imitating the image of American Indians using smokehole's to have visions, Ben makes a makeshift smoke-hole, by which the Losers discover how IT came to Derry. The monster arrived to Earth in the form of an asteroid during prehistory, landing on what later would become the town of Derry, and hibernated there until humans settled and colonized the place. IT awoke and started to feed on the settlers

“Was it a spaceship? ” Ben asked.”

5. The Turtle

IT's natural enemy is "The Turtle," another ancient God-like mystical creature of immense power, which created our Universe and possibly others. The Turtle appears in King's series The Dark Tower as one of the Guardians of the Light. The series suggests that The Turtle and IT are eternal enemies in a battle of creation (The Turtle) against consumption (IT). The Turtle helps the children in their battle against Pennywise, by communicating to all of them by entering their dreams and talking to them through the power of telepathy. The Turtle gives them guidance, inner-strength, when in dire need and passes vital clues on how to defeat IT, so they can stop Pennywise and save the children of Derry before it's too late. (Now I am 50/50 when it comes to The Turtle. Because it seems too difficult to be able to translate well to your local Cinemas Projector. But if done right, could make the upcoming film much more memorable and different, with the obvious religious and spiritual vibes that would be trickling through it.)

“Once you get into cosmological shit like this son, you just got to throw away the instruction manual”

6. Will Hanlons Black Spot Story And Other Awakening's....

IT would sleep for almost three decades, then would be awake and feed for over two years. Every time IT's hibernation stage finished, events of extreme violence happened in Derry, One of these many incident's is told by Will Hanlon, who is the father of Mike Hanlon. While dying of cancer in 1962, he tells Mike about his experiences in the Army Air Corps in the 1920s and about establishing the Black Spot, a club started by Will and his black Air Force buddies and originally meant exclusively for black members, but gradually began accepting members of other races as well. He recounts how, in the fall of 1930, the club was burned down by a group of Maine Legion of White Decency members, causing numerous deaths. He also tells Mike that he witnessed a giant bird—the same bird that nearly killed Mike—carry off a Legion of White Decency member and fly away with him in its talons, however this bird was not flapping its giant wings and flying like any other bird would do, no instead it was floating,....because attached to its wings were giant pieces of string...string that was big brightly coloured balloons.......

“And, of course, one of the great true facts of the world is this: for every old-timer who dies, there’s a new old-timer coming along. And a good story never dies; it is always passed down.”

7. The Standpipe

The Standpipe was a large water tower in Derry. In its earlier days, it remained unlocked so that patrons of an adjoining park could climb a spiral staircase around the tank to look out over Derry from the top. The Standpipe was closed to the public after several children drowned in the tank, most likely the fault of IT. Yet the Standpipe was where Stan Uris had one the novel's most haunting encounters with IT, he was bird-watching in the park one day. When he noticed the Stand-pipe's door swing open. So he went through the doorway to investigate, But the door slammed shut and locked itself behind him, Now Stan could hear the sound of squishing little footsteps and soft voice's slowly descending down the stairs towards him, with these noises, came the putrid strong smell of rotting flesh and decomposition...IT was coming for him,...In the form of all the dead children who had drowned there.......

“Maybe, in the end it's the voice that tells the stories more than the stories themselves that matters.”

Thank You For Reading My Post, Hope You Enjoyed "IT"......


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