ByTaly Andino, writer at
Taly Andino

We knew that Deadpool was going to be different and open some doors in the comic book movie genre, but I don't think anyone thought it would be this fast.

First it was announced that the possibility of the next installment in the Wolverine saga, Wolverine 3, might be Rated-R. Now we get news that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting an R-Rated director's cut home release.

With filming already complete (and just about a month left until its release) what could they possibly add to make it R-Rated? They are not going to make it raunchy like Deadpool was, and they are not going to follow suit with the same amount of gore.

According to, the Ultimate Edition is "Rated R for sequences of violence." Violence is something that we expect when titans like Batman and Superman clash against the likes of Doomsday.

Could it be additional blood splatters during fight scenes? The visual death of innocent civilians and/or bad guys? Regardless of what it may be, I could only imagine it was done post production and in response to Deadpool's success. Which leads me to a very important question, why?

Simple, a more expensive copy of the home release DVD. It's not going to stop the die hard fan base from buying this version of the movie, but it does show that they are slightly a step behind the curve when it comes to planning.

I know that dark and gritty could very well be in their plans for the DC Universe, and instead of going after a much larger fan base, they are more focused on sticking to the source material. Which is the opposite of what Marvel has been doing since the first Iron Man. That would be a very welcomed plan, as long as they stay consistent throughout their movies and so far, up until Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, consistency has not been their approach.


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