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I won't lie to you, this article will have spoilers. Massive spoliers which could change the way you look at the world as you know it...

Alright, maybe not as much as that, but you get what I mean.

Sammy the Spoiler Squirrel is your last chance

Old Sammy the Spoiler Squirrel
Old Sammy the Spoiler Squirrel

If you're still reading then away we go. At the end of last night's episode of The Flash, it was finally revealed who is behind the Zoom mask. It has been none other than Jay Garrick himself. Now I say this with some caution as it isn't certain which Jay Garrick it is.

The last sentence may seem silly but there are a few of them around at the moment.

Lets Look At The Candidates.

Jay from Earth 2 (allegedly)
Jay from Earth 2 (allegedly)

I think it's unlikely to be this version of Jay. This being the fact he had the hand of Zoom treatment at the end of the last episode. Ignoring the fact he had lied about losing his powers after Zoom stole them from him. He also kept dissapearing at the most inconvinient times and has generally been a bit cagey.

Also the Jay under the mask didn't seem all to pleased about what he had done to his double or triple, it's a lot of Jays.

It's safe to say this one is a goner. Sorry Caitlin.

How About This One?

Jay 'Shellhead' Garrick. Name pending.
Jay 'Shellhead' Garrick. Name pending.

The way the man in the mask has reacted over the last couple of episodes has a lot of people believing he is the real Jay Garrick.

There was how he reacted to when Barry said the name Jay, he also wasn't to pleased to see Jays dead body.

If this is the real Jay and Zoom is keeping him to drain his speed, do you think he is aware of Zooms end game?

The Red Herring?

Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon

I know Hunter Zolomon is Zoom in the comics but i firmly believe, especially now, we only saw this version of the character so the writers could throw us of the scent. I don't have anything else to add to this one. It aint him!!

So Here's My Theory On It

This is what I would like the outcome of the storyline to be so try not to shoot me down in flames. I think the Jay we saw revealed as Zoom is from the future! In fact, I think Barry is aware of it too. What's that nonsense I hear you cry. Well here we go.

The whole time Zoom has been around it has been clear Barry isn't fast enough to fight him. More than once he has shown just how ineffective The Flash is against him. So what if to beat him Barry doesn't need to get faster, he just needs a helping hand from, oh i don't know, a future Flash.

You know the old saying. Two Barrys are better than one.

I offer up this for your perusal:

Remember this?
Remember this?

What if the reason The Flash dissapeared was to go back in time to help his younger self defeat Zoom. The older and more experienced Barry gets could mean he has a better of understanding of the Speed Force. Maybe he senses someone travelling back and disrupting it and he comes back to assist his young self.

Yes I know it all gets a bit wibbly wobbly timey wimey, but wouldn't it be cool? If the penultimate episode of this season ends with the older Barry appearing it would be epic. It would just need a line like "I hear you could do with a hand?" and that would set up for an awesome finale.

What do you think? Is this to far out to be a possibility? Do you have a theory of your own? If so let me hear them in the comments.


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