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It is not really a spoiler but be aware of spoilers in this post if you didn't watch episodes 13 , 14 and 15 of The Flash.

Since Zoom has finally revealed his identity, fans of the show have been wondering if there is a little more than meets the eye when it comes to his true identity and origin. I pieced 'The Rival Theory' together after researching and finding clues from the TV show and the comics. Enjoy!

From episode 9 to episode 13 (Who is Zoom?)

We all know the infamous Hunter Zolomon, the third Flash from the comics who became Zoom, the reverse-flash of Wally West.

Last month I started to believe that Hunter Zolomon is Zoom, and Jay Garrick is just a clone (The Rival). Zoom sent him to collect information about the team, and that's why Zoom knows Barry very well. That's how my theory began.

Zoom wanted more speed, and Jay Garrick told Caitlin that the real reason he lost his speed is by taking velocity 6. So, Zoom sent Jay Garrick to make Barry faster and better, so he can get more speed - but he can't figure how to steal it.

Who is The Rival?

For those who doesn't know who the Rival is, his name is Edward Clariss, a professor who worked on the velocity serum and started to become addicted to it. He became a reverse to Jay Garrick and he named himself The Rival.

Episode 13 welcome to earth 2 (the Rival aka Edward clariss).

2 weeks ago, after "Welcome to Earth 2", I realized that Jay is a clone aka The Rival. You may already know, but in the comics, Edward Clariss took the velocity serum to gain his speed. In the show, the clone (Rival) was addicted to velocity 6 and that's why his cells were degenerating - even the speed force is not in his system. This also explains why he sometimes disappear and no one knows his place.

Episode 14 escape from earth 2 (the man in the mask aka Jay Garrick).

1 week ago, we all watched Jay Garrick getting killed by Zoom, and we also noticed that the man in the mask told Barry about Jay. What if that man in the mask wanted to tell Barry that he is the 'real' Jay Garrick and wanted to warn him about his clone, The Rival?

Episode 15 King shark (The Rival , Zoom , Jay Garrick)

After watching the new episode , Zoom is revealed, and the show's director said that zoom is Hunter Zolomon.

"Zoom's identity has been revealed: he is Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a Jay Garrick."
- Exec. Producer Andrew Kreisberg talking with ntertainment Weekly.

Well, he has been around all the time! We actually saw three Jay Garricks!

  • The one Zoom killed (the Rival)
  • The one in the Iron mask (real Jay Garrick)
  • Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom.

Summing up The Rival Theory and further predictions.

Zoom is Hunter Zolomon E-1, who went to Earth 2 and hunted Jay Garrick (his doppelganger). He imprisoned him and made him wear an iron mask. Then, The Rival came up and worked with Zoom. Zoom sent him to Earth 1 to make Barry faster, and goes on to tell Hunter information about the team. After that, Zoom took him back and killed him.

In the next three episodes , the team will reopen the breach. They will travel to Earth 2, save Jay Garrick, discover exactly who Zoom is - and yet there will still be more shocking moments awaiting us!

Don't forget, trajectory is coming. Have a nice day.


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