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So if you missed it last night, turn away now as mild spoilers exist below..

now that we have that out of the way...

Zoom was finally unmasked!!!!!!!!!!!

but what does this really mean? When zoom took his mask off we saw none other than Jay Garrick, the original flash.

Except, I think it's safe to assume that the REAL Jay Garrick is not also the evil speedster himself, Zoom.

Essentially, while it was cool to see Zoom finally take his mask off, I have to say that it was a little underwhelming. Firstly, we know that Zoom is not the real Jay Garrick. Whether Jay is the man in the iron mask or not, we know that Jay could never actually be Zoom. So really, this reveal does not mean much in the sense of who Zoom actually is.

In fact the underwhelmed feeling I had from this reveal, was really the feeling I had throughout most of the episode. Yes, King Shark looked great. Yes the aftershock of Earth 2 was great to further develop. But in the same respect, after the doozy of an episode that viewers had last week, I would have liked to see the tension and the focus of the episode stay centered on Zoom and Earth 2 instead of another subplot(King Shark) that was never going to last more than that specific episode.

Maybe I am nitpicking here. I understand you cant make every episode follow the same exact story line otherwise you would only have a mini series as opposed to a full length 20+ episode season, but in the same respect you cant tell me that if the episode started with the Zoom unmasking, and spent a good chunk of time dealing with the Earth 2 aftershock and trying to reopen the portal to find Zoom it wouldnt have been entertaining.

What do you guys think though?

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Was the Zoom reveal underwhelming?


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