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Ok, so today I am doing two articles on Mr. Pool himself. One is how Marvel came about creating Wade and the influences in creating his image, now the second one is discussing something I’ve always wondered about, what does Deadpool even sound like & this is where I give you my answer! Something that was established a long time ago, was Wade’s appearance, In one of the very beginning issues someone questions Wade about his appearance & he makes the comparison to Ryan Reynolds and ever since reading that issue I automatically read his voice as Ryan Reynolds & in most portrayals of Deadpool (where you can of course hear his voice in games & cartoon cameos) he has the same type cartoony, jokey raspy voice!

Now there are a few notable times in which we get a sense of what he sounds like, the first was issue #14 where we discover Blind Al’s relationship with Mr. Pool and well DP comes out sounding like his usual self, but she says

In the Cable & Deadpool #12, Deadpool’s co-creator Fabian Nizieza who had a hand in creating this guy, so he can picture & hear what he sounds like! He made Cable describe his (DP) voice as

Fabian Nicieza recently cited in the 1990s that Denis Leary is who he personally heard when Deadpool talked. Leary definitely fits with the aforementioned description


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