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Youtube is a huge sensation for people to bring their dreams to a reality. It's such an awesome career to be able to wake up and make video's but you really have to have the talent for the subscribers to follow. I'm going to talk about a few that I really enjoy, but my jaw dropped when I found out how much money these people were pulling in.


PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg), is from Sweden originally he is 26 years old, which makes his money situation even more unbelievable. I have to hand it to him though he is hilarious. What got him most well-known was filming himself playing games and adding commentary to them. Honestly, he just says what everyone is thinking during a game or adds something crazy that you would never think of. PewDiePie has 42 million subscribers on Youtube, that's an outrageous amount of people to be watching his video's.

Looking up PewDiePie's net worth was easy but breaks down the numbers perfectly saying:

This gives about $12 million per year in taxes and a total of $4.7 million in estimated investment income. The column on the right shows the growth of PewDiePie's net worth over time, ending at a final PewDiePie net worth of $60 million in 2016.

Though PewDiePie makes all this money he is very humble. He does talk about donating money to charities and things of that nature. He doesn't seem arrogant and selfish, which is why I think PewDiePie is the perfect millionaire.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh also known as 'IISuperwomanII' has become very successful in the world of Youtube. Lilly is 27 years old and has done well at using Youtube to her advantage. She makes video's using her ethnic background making jokes about her family who immigrated from India to Canada. She is a very playful and talented woman she also sings and did a tour in 2015 going to 27 cities worldwide called A Trip to Unicorn Island. Lilly Singh has 7 million followers and is still on the rise. She brings in about $2.5 million annually.

I think Lilly is so funny and really enjoyable to watch when she makes a video it's always something you can relate to in one way or another. She just has a great charisma to her, you can tell she really enjoys what she does.

Lindsey Sterling

Lindsey Sterling has become a huge sensation on Youtube, she plays the violin, dances, and is so elegant while doing this. She wanted to get signed by a major label but no one would take her. So as a result, she started to upload video's playing the violin and got an amazing response in return. People would do anything to have Lindsey be their star but after the help of Youtube, she doesn't need any help at all. Her Youtube channel has 2 million subscribers, which puts her at making about $2 million annually.

Lindsey on America's Got Talent
Lindsey on America's Got Talent

It's kind of ironic how big she became because she was on America's Got Talent. I'm wondering now what the judge's are thinking now, she has a ton of talent and she was eliminated from winning big. I'm so glad she didn't give up because she is such an inspiration and shows the true meaning of perseverance.


Smosh also known as 'The Original YouTube Stars' involves two men named Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. These guys are very well known for their ability to make fun of pretty well any situation, movie, video game, and even the latest trends. Just creating video's can take a lot, but these guys make between 448,000 - 4.50 million yearly, of course Youtube has to have their cut as well so the price may vary. Still though thats more than the average American at their career they went to college for. Smosh is not the only username they have either, they have a total of eight different accounts which is perfect for the variation between viewers.

Smosh is not only on YouTube they also released a movie in 2015. It doesn't have the best rating, though it is very funny. These guys are a huge sensation on YouTube who would have thought making a few videos would build such a successful career.


This guy amazed me the most, known as SkyDoesMinecraft also known as Adam Dahlberg. Making between 293,000 - 2.92 million a year, his video consist of Minecraft. Loads of Minecraft like most YouTubers they start out by simply video taping their game play and commentary. Adam happened to be in a popular group on Minecraft called 'Team Crafted.' Simple enough it seems, right?

Team Crafted
Team Crafted

There are a lot of people who get angry at Youtubers because they make so much money for no more than what they do. I feel like they're more of an inspiration. By doing something you enjoy there are many rewards, I think we forget that these people just love making videos, playing music, or being their own person. Everyone loves to see someone else make a fool out of themselves or just want someone to relate to. Let this be a lesson nothing is impossible.


Do you think YouTuber's should make this amount of money?


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