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Contains spoiler's for Zoom's identity. Scroll carefully as there is a picture of zoom and titles.

Last episode of The Flash had one key stand out moment which was the revelation of who zoom was. However all may not be as it seems.

I personally have six different identities for zoom and the respective man in the iron mask if my theory is correct. Let me start with the first and most obvious one.

Zoom- Jay Garrick

Why it is him and possible theories: The most obvious choice of who it is. It was suspected before the episode and some may confirm it. But some people may think this is not the case as Jay (especially in the comics) is not a bad guy so this Jay Garrick must be a clone or something. Well too be honest with you how much do we actually know about Jay if this is the real one. Almost Nothing! Time and time again we have seen cases where superheroes can go bad due to various reasons, usually being loss. The Jay Garrick the people of Earth 2 know as the Flash could easily be a clone or a concept not yet introduced to us.

Why it isn't him: The arrow and flash directors are known to lead us to one person and change it around halfway through, like the eddie thawne name drop, and in this season it is Jay. All signs point to him and I personally believe we are gonna be thrown through a loop as the Jay shown is not the one we know.

Man in the iron mask: I personally think it could be the rival as I said in one of my previous articles about the identity of the man in the iron mask. I think this because the rival may be the only person able to defeat and take down Jay. So therefore he is locked up like Alexander Luthor (earth 3 lex luthor) by Ultraman (earth 3 superman) in the forever evil storyline where there were an evil set of the justice league from Earth 3. This was because Alexander Luthor was more powerful not necessarily because he was a good guy. The man in the iron mask may not be the good guy everyone thinks he is.

This could actually also be Hunter Zolomon as we only saw him when Jay found him or wanted us to see him. We have also not seen him anymore so could be Zoom's prisoner.

Zoom- Older Jay Garrick

Why it is him and possible theories: I still personally think after the face reveal this Jay looks slightly older than the Jay we were first introduced to but that may just be my opinion. This opinion may be heavily biased due to the iteration of jay I'm used to, who is much older than Barry. They even have a different hair style but that may just be the lighting or just how Teddy Sears got it cut that week. This also brings me back to my former point that something bad may have happened to cause him to be a villain so he travelled back in time to correct this. Though this may be slightly far fetched. Although the writers have brought in time travel before and it worked without it being too convoluted so it wouldn't surprise me if it was brought in again. This episode also dealt with the effect of Barry, Harry and Cisco's trip to Earth 2. One thing that stood out was Caitlyn's coldness and rudeness to others after Jay's death now Caitlyn may not be becoming Killer Frost soon but what about next season or the one after that, especially if she keeps getting potential love interests killed off. This could easily have happened to Jay or something worse to turn him into zoom which is kinda similar to Superman in the Injustice series as he became a villain after Joker killed Lois and his unborn child.

Why it isn't: This theory as I said above is a little far fetched. This is convoluted and may be quite confusing to bring unto the screen. I think the writers would personally prefer to keep things quite simple.

The man in the iron mask: This could possibly be the older version of the rival for the same reason again as earth-2 jay may have been captured.

Zoom-Hunter Zoloman

Why it is him and possible theories: He is the real zoom in the comics and as I have pointed out before we haven't seen him for a while so it is really possible that it is him. You may notice that in the picture above he is reading a book. A reference from Screen rant actually talks about the book and how it may relate to his identity:

We would also point out that it’s not a pulp or trashy novel he’s reading, but “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse. The glasses should be a hint, in television terms, that it’s not for the light reader. It’s impossible to know how much the novel’s narrative relates to his own life, but the protagonist’s longing to find his true self, and an understanding of his place in the world isn’t hard to grasp for an orphan. On a larger scale, the novel’s ultimate message – that past, present, future, good, bad, pain and joy are all part of one massive force.

Apply that idea to The Flash as a whole, and it’s clear the series is a literal interpretation of those same ideas, with both a Flash and Reverse-Flash, and an understanding that time is a moving, subjective force. That’s a nice touch on the part of the showrunners, but it isn’t Zolomon’s tastes in literature that have fans talking.

This may be a reference to how Zoom is so fast that he can actually move in the past, present and future. This may not necessarily make him evil as he is interested in it, but definitely makes him a character to keep an eye out for.

Why it isn't him: I personally believe this was not a reference to him being zoom but was instead just a name drop of little importance which barely meant a thing. However I may be wrong...

The man in the iron mask: It is not really possible to guess as this character has not interacted with anyone else of the major of minor cast. The man in the iron mask may just be henry or eddie who are two of my other theories about the man in the iron masks identity.

Zoom- Jay garrick...clone or the Rival

I'm counting these as two separate people but for similar reasons.

Why it is them and possible theories: We have a situation of two Jay's being shown and ruling out Hunter Zolomon this isn't possible which may mean that this Jay was a clone. This theory may actually be possible because of the fact that this Jay doesn't have speed as the speed force, I don't believe can be replicated. This may be why the clone is trying to get speed to either replace Jay as the only Jay garrick. I would say zoom may also be the rival for this same reason as in the comics the rival doesn't have speed himself like other speedsters but instead relies on the drug Velocity-9.

Why it isn't them: For me a clone would be confusing such as introducing the skulls in the Marvel Universe ( they are a race of shape-shifters and the marvel universe is terrible when they are introduced). The rival could possibly be there but as I said previously the introduction of a new character would require a few episodes.

Now onto my Final Theory: A mystery guy never met before.

I plan to do the format for this one differently as it is my favourite theory of all.

Now many of you may be thinking I read all the out just for this underwhelming garbage, but I say you've got this far so hear me out. Some people I know found the reveal of zoom rather underwhelming and this is why I think it may not be Jay. The reveal felt underwhelming because we all knew it was possibly jay as all signs pointed to him but we forced ourselves to think outside the box of who it could have been other than Jay, as viewers we were waiting for the twist. The moment we saw it was Joe, or Eddie or Henry, but after all those episodes all those scenes we find out it is plain old Jay.

However viewers I believe we were tricked. You may be thinking how is that possible but we saw it was jay it can only be Jay, but could it ?

In all the episodes of Season 2 we have been shown how zoom is the fastest man alive or that we know of. In Season 1 it was shown that Barry can run back in time and the reverse-flash can run forward in time but zoom is faster than both of them. This may mean that he has visited both the future and the past. I want to focus on the future, as in Season 1 we were introduced to Eobard Thawne's device which allowed him to switch faces with someone this got me thinking, what if zoom went back in time and switched faces with jay or a form of jay.

You may be thinking that is unlikely and farfetched but again hear me out as season 1 may have confirmed this.

When the hat drops out of the portal if I remember correctly ( I can't be bothered to check) Barry asks what is that. To which Eobard Thawne replies ' trouble' however you can check if this is true in the comments. This may be because of the Flash Museum showing Jay's helmet like we saw in the final bits of the episode, but this may alternatively be because the person who is zoom has some relation to this helmet though I'm saying that for all my theories.

Again they would need to flesh out the character unless it is a previous character we have met.

With this theory anyone could really be the man in the iron mask so I'm not sure the possibility of this character as it is kinda like a repeat of last year so maybe not.

Anyway tell me what you think in the comments about these 2 peoples identities. I'd be interested what you think about what i've also written myself.

I have made references to two of my articles which you should also check out to know more.


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