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Okay. So after my forth time seeing Deadpool, I have finally decided to write my review. And I have to say, it really is a great movie. I had to go back a few times before I could find enough flaws to make doing a review worthwhile to read. So here it goes...

The Good:

Pretty much everything. Every joke seems calculated and just perfect for the occasion, only one joke didn't land for me on future viewings, but I'll get to that in the negatives.

The supporting cast is just great. We finally have an actual Colossus, not just a guy who can become metal. Weasel and Blind Al are hilarious, and the chemistry between Wade and Vanessa is pretty good.

And all the action sequences are pretty well done. Nothing is groundbreaking, but they are unique enough to make the movie feel different from standard action movies.

And that end credit scene was perfect.

The Bad:

I really only have 3 complaints with the movie.

The first is that they spend a little too long on the romance. On subsequent viewings, it seemed like they would just drag on forever.

The second is I wish they did more with Ajax and Angel Dust. One or two more scenes that explained why Ajax hated to be called by his real name, or why Angel Dust had an affinity for matches, would have been nice. It seems like they were just added in so they wouldn't be so one dimensional.

And the third is it seemed like they never went 100% with their risks. Sure, they made Ryan Renolds ugly, but they made it a physical mutation instead of him being a literal lump of cancer so he didn't have to be too ugly. Sure, they had him tell someone to kidnap and kill their romantic rival, but they had to make sure to show him getting caught because it is a superhero movie. Sure, they made him insane, but not insane enough to talk to the voices in his head.

The Ugly:

There were some problems that the movie couldn't avoid, but nothing really hurt the film in anyway. It seemed like they had to sneak Hydra Bob in for such a short time because they didn't own the rights.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, this was a great movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I would recommend going and seeing it as soon as possible.

Final verdict: 9.5/10


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