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This week's episode of The Walking Dead was pretty good! There was not much action but it went a little deeper than usual. There was even a new addition to our little band! This does have spoilers so read on, if you dare!

Supply Run Daryl and Rick

This task should be easy right? No because this is The Walking Dead where nothing is simple. They find a truck full of supplies and are extremely happy about it! They have the truck and are trying to find soda then, out of nowhere, here comes a guy who calls himself Jesus. He runs into right Rick! After about a minute, they realize Jesus took the wheel, literally. It turns into a big game of cat and mouse! So Daryl and Rick track him to where he is changing a tire on the box truck. They tie him up and go off with it into a field. After figuring out that he had somehow got onto the top of the truck, they stomp their breaks sending him flying off the top. A fight ensues and long story short, the supplies are at the bottom of the lake.

Spencer's Mom

Michonne and Spencer are out in the woods. Spencer is out there looking for something with a shovel and a gun. He refuses to tell her why until they come upon a walker. It is his mother Diana who, with help from Carl, happens upon them. It is then that she realizes why they are there. Spencer and Michonne 'kill' Diana and bury her there in the woods.

Rick and Michonne

After everyone comes home and the kids are in bed, Rick and Michonne have some alone time. They make love and are just talking when something happens. Jesus has escaped the doctor's office where he was taken after the fight when he was knocked out by a truck door. He walks into their bedroom and tells them he needs to talk to them.

Personally, this episode was a bit timid. Nothing is wrong with a timid episode it is a good buffer to start new action or to let things cool down between two exciting episodes. I hope to see more action or at least something more intriguing in the next episode! Can't wait for Sunday to get here and learn more about the newest character!


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