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I've finally done it. I'm accepting the challenge, due to some hardcore writer's block. It was nice to justify the other day to watching five of my favorite films so I could make this list, with the addition to adding an SNL episode in between films I considered the day a success. What I am supposed to do is simple: I must name the film in which I think deserves to be deemed Best Moment, Best Plot/Story, Best Dialogue, Most Intelligent Flick, and Best Movie. It's like my own personal Academy Awards Ceremony!

Best Moment - The Raid: Redemption

This fight scene is hands down incredible. The continuity is incredible, the editing is seamless, and the choreography is heart-pounding. With a brutally beautiful semi-decapitation at the end, you'll be on the edge of your seat during this fight.

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Best Plot/Story - Symbiopsychotaxiplasm

This film, which spawned a sequel produced by Steven Soderbergh and Steve Buscemi, is gloriously meta, this film is actually three films. Filmmaker William Greaves is auditioning acting students for a film he's making called Over The Cliff, a film that has no finalized draft of the script. Greaves has a documentary crew filming the actors through the entire process, and it captures the essences of how the actors developed emotions for the others. And this whole mess, the Over The Cliff filmmakers/actors and the documentary crew, is being documented by a second documentary film crew who are capturing both sets of people. Damn.

Best Dialogue - Reservoir Dogs

The clip I really wanted to post for this would have been the whole film, because the dialogue presented is art at its finest. I finally landed on this scene due to the fact of how Mr. Orange acts, and we all know why he acts the way he acts. Orange's actions are choppy and once you know he's the rat after every viewing of the film you pick up subtle clues when he's around the other antagonists. Consider this scene the runner up to the Best Moment category, due to its incredible acting and dialogue.

Most Intelligent Flick - Interstellar

What more can you expect from a Nolan flick? Especially one where he consulted an actual scientist who kept things as accurate as they could be, given the circumstances.

Best Movie - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

*Round of applause* Perhaps one of the most witty, dark, funny, sad, and beautiful movies ever made. From the cinematography to the dialogue, these filmmakers really did a wonderful job with the source material.

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It's your turn!!


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