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The movie American Psycho directed by Mary Harron and produced by Edward R. Pressman, Chris Hanley and Christian Halsey Solomon is a gory, disturbing and generally disgusting film that i thoroughly enjoyed. It revolves around the character Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) a homicidal sociopath who works at the Pierce and Pierce investing firm in the heart of downtown New York. Bateman finds it difficult to deal with other people and hates his life, and In order to cope with these emotions he lures people to his penthouse apartment and brutally murders them while listening to Phil Colin’s and Huey Lewis.

I found this movie to be repulsively funny; it shows Bateman’s descent into complete madness with a kind of style and flare that is barely seen in slasher films. Director Mary Harron shows her twisted sense of humour in this movie. and portrays Bret Easton Ellis book (author of American Psycho novel) pretty decently. Every time Patrick Bateman kills someone whether it be Paul Allen (Jared Leto) his fellow employee or a random prostitute (Cara Seymour) he picks a upbeat song plays that completely contrasts what is happening within the film. Christian Bale plays the role of an egotistical, narcissist businessman perfectly. Watching him play this role was like watching somebody flip a personality switch; on one side there is a man who takes care of himself and is charismatic and on the other there is a man who hates society and literally wants to kill everyone. he deems everyone to be extremely annoying and goes to great lengths to terrorize and murder people. The ending in my opinion makes the movie much better. Patrick Batemen admits to all of his crimes and it ends up all being a delusion.

The camerawork helps to set the theme within the film. The many close-up, tracking, and arc shots show how the movie unfolds in a very entertaining way. I would not recommend this film to anyone under the age of 18. This movie was able to make me wince and laugh and i personally enjoyed it. You can watch this movie on DVD and Blu ray.


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