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Comic-book fans are always giddy and excited to know when the characters they grew up reading about and dressing up as are going to make their way into popular-media such as film and television. One particular character has yet to make a live-action debut ,and some think it's high-time that it change. Squirrel Girl is a Marvel comics superhero who first appeared in Marvel super-heroes Vol.2, and has gone on to have a fanbase of her very own who make it a habit to daily wish for the character to get her own film or TV show. To top it all off, James Gunn, the director behind Guardians of the Galaxy, said that he would be interested in helming a feature about the character. While there may not be any actual plans in place for the Squirrelly heroine, it's fun to play around with ideas in terms of casting or storylines. And so, without further ado, here are the top 10 casting choices for Squirrel Girl.

Analeigh Tipton:

Mostly known for her other talents such as being a figure-skater and a former model, Analeigh Tipton got her big break in hollywood with a supporting role in the 2011 comic-book reboot of Green Hornet. And even though the film didn't perform very well, Analeigh still managed to snag roles in other cult-favorite movies such as Warm Bodies and Crazy, Stupid, Love. She would be an ideal candidate for Squirrel Girl because she has showcased the comedic and dramatic range necessary to carry a role like this. She can be sweet and funny, but also have an edge and display vulnerability. She's still pretty active in Hollywood, but starring as Marvel character might open up more opportunities for her.

Anna Kendrick:

This actress is all laughs, but nothing to brush off. Anna Kendrick's career has soared to new heights after first appearing in the indie Musical drama Camp and then going on to secure a supporting role in the twilight saga, which played a key role in giving her the much-needed exposure to move on to bigger and better things. She received even more recognition for her part in the musical film series Pitch Perfect, and went on to star in the sequel. Anna hasn't had an action-heavy or comic-book role before, but it would be nice to see her break new ground by giving it a go and Squirrel Girl seems like the perfect match for her wit and dramatic chops. You can catch her next in the assassin-comedy Mr. Wright

Alison Brie:

Referred to in some circles as "The Queen Brie", Alison Brie has made a name for herself as the quirky, yet insightful community college student Annie Edison on the hit comedy series Community, and has been riding the wave of the show's success ever since. She has scored numerous roles in different comedies and has been featured in various web series and tv shows. She has quite the career ahead of her, and with that comes the chance to shake things up in terms of the roles she chooses to play. She is primarily known for her comedy, but has showcased glimpses of dramatic talent as well. Brie has never moved toward comic-book/action movies/tv shows side of the aisle, but there's always a glimmer of hope that she may start taking an interest since fans have shown a desire for comedy-based superhero material after the success of Deadpool.

Brie Larson:

An actress who bursted onto the scene with the indie-drama Short term 12, which earned her an Independent spirit award and a Critic's choice award. Since then she has been receiving roles in a number of films, but splits her time between hollywood and the indie film circuit. Most recently, she gave another outstanding performance in the 2015 psychological drama Room, and walked away with an academy award for best actress at the Oscars. Her Oscar win, among her other successes, have made her a hot commodity in the industry. Marvel could capitalize on this by bringing her aboard.

Elizabeth Gillies:

Gillies came the to attention of younger audiences for her role as a sarcastic hollywood-arts student on the Nickelodeon tv show Victorious. While many recognize the show for Victoria justice playing the lead female, there was also some unexpected support for Gillie's role as Jade, the frienemy and foil to Victoria justice's character's good-intentioned, sunflower demeanor. Aside from acting, she also was a discovered singing talent and displayed it often on the show. Elizabeth is currently starring in an FX comedy series about Rock & Roll, but could move on to bigger and better things down the line. She'd be an interesting candidate given her resume and comedic chops.

Sarah Butler:

An actress who is known for her iconic role in the revenge exploitation film I spit on your grave, Sarah Butler has developed a cult-following, but hasn't been able to score very many mainstream roles in film and television despite showing signs of being a competent actress. Her latest semi-mainstream role was on the CBS crime procedural drama CSI-Cyber and hasn't done any big appearances on tv since then. Despite these setbacks, she is still active as an actress and stars in low-budget thrillers where she displays her action-chops as well as her dramatic skill. Marvel could be her big break into the spotlight if she scored the role of a character like Squirrel Girl, but that remains to be seen.

Rachel Bilson:

Bilson is one those actresses who has appealed to younger audiences through the avenue of teen dramas or comedies, and came to the attention of fans after her appearance on the Teen drama series The O.C. She later went on to star alongside Hayden Christensen in the sci-fi action drama Jumper, based on the novel by the same name. Bilson has kept herself busy for a good portion of her career by taking supporting roles in films and tv shows. Her latest show, Hart of Dixie was cancelled, leaving her in the shake-up once again. Her last known film appearance was in American Heist. Bilson doesn't seem to be a top-billed actress at the moment due to her many shortcomings and has very few projects in the pipeline. At best, she's a wildcard option on this list.

Shailene Woodley:

While dealing with Jennifer Lawrence comparisons and scrutiny for her rather odd personal/ health habits, Woodley continues to stay afloat in the industry. Starting out as a virtual unknown and coming from a teen drama show like The secret life of the American teenager to starring in a popular young-adult film adaptation is no small feat, but woodley managed it quite well. The Divergent film series, while dwarfed by the Hunger Games, still has its fair share of fans and supporters who adore Shailene in the role. She has proven to be a capable dramatic actress in films like The Spectacular now and The Descendants. Divergent also showed off some of her action-chops and proved that she can play a character who is strong but vulnerable. It would be interesting to see Woodley step into a comic-book movie role after being burnt by The Amazing Spider-man 2 as the invisible Mary Jane watson.

Michelle Trachtenberg:

She became quite the young star in the early 2000's for taking roles as charming, quirky characters in light comedy's or more adult-oriented comedies. Trachtenberg has been almost all over the place in terms of her early career from starring in Buffy the Vampire Slayer alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar. She has also made a number of brief appearances in crime procedurals such as Law & Order and Criminal Minds. In the late 2000's, however, her career began to decline as she appeared in lesser movies and mainstream tv shows. Her next upcoming project is an indie-drama titled Sister Cities. Trachtenberg could definitely use a comeback role down the line and Squirrel Girl might be the best fit for her.

Brittany Underwood:

While primarily known as a singer, Underwood has given a few on-screen performances. She has taken a number of supporting roles in drama series and tv movies. She's had brief appearances on Major Crimes and Law & Order. Underwood is probably the lesser known of all the actresses on this list and hasn't achieved as much success as a performer. She, much like Trachtenberg, is another wildcard who has very little chance of being given a role in a mainstream film or tv show. It's unclear exactly how talented she is an actress.


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