ByCade Earick (lightningstrikefilms564), writer at

So as a lot of people know, Captain America falls in the aftermath of Civil War, being sent to S.H.I.E.L.D, assassinated by Red Skull with the final shot being taken by a brainwashed Sharon Carter while the others look for the killers and Bucky deciding to kill Iron Man, blaming it for the Cap's death. It is a brutal series. Well, with the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, we have to consider that Captain America will most likely die in Civil War. The only problem we are left with is that Chris Evans still has signed on for Infinity Wars. So what could happen in the plot to have Captain America come back for Infinity War? Well, one possible theory that's circling around is the possibility of Bucky Barnes taking the role of Captain America. The only problem here is Chris Evans is supposed to be signed on for Infinity Wars part 1 and 2 so how could this happen? Another problem we face as theorists is that after Civil War, Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America comes after Civil War and it would end in Captain America's casket sinking into the ground. Well, we could have a Search for Spock ending, or Marvel might take the direction of an issue of What If? Vol. 7 titled What if Iron Man died instead of Captain America? The movie could have Iron Man die instead of Captain America, but that would require a whole new chain of events to be written. Another option for Marvel could be that a secondary character such as Black Widow could be killed off or just nobody at all. So the two people that are circling around the web that might not be appearing in Civil War are Captain America and Thor. Thor is supposed to end up in a galactic prison and Captain America... dies. So here's my theory: Captain America won't be in Infinity Wars. It seems like what might happen is that Captain America might be a flashback. They could record some things like that on a soundstage and have him appear in the movie that way. What do you think? Write down below.


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