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Time goes on for everyone and that includes earth's mightiest Avengers. We know, we know – saving the world takes its toll, especially if you're a superhero. For some, the stress of the job leaves a deeper mark than for others. Age, it often seems, is in the eye of the beholder. But just how obvious is it to a computer?

Created by Microsoft, is one of the latest and greatest ways of guessing someone's age without asking them. Give it a picture and it gives you almost instant age estimate, complete with gender assignment.he site's been hard at work improving its age-calculating software since its launch less than a year ago, so don't expect it to be a perfect magic age-ball. Regardless, the results have certainly proved amusing over the past 11 months. Can it guess the ages of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's freshest faces?

For this experiment, every photo submitted were the ones you see below. Each picture was chosen with similar lighting, resolution, and overall picture quality in mind. Any computer-animated character will be listed as such and this list only features current incarnations of the MCU's main characters. Now then, let's see what we've got!

(A mild spoiler for Ant-Man follows)

Captain America

Chris Evans: 34

Microsoft Age: 37

Born Steve Rogers in 1920 New York City, Captain America would go on to take part in the U.S. military's super soldier project at the age of 21 according to comic book canon. He would spend the next few decades frozen beneath the Antarctic before joining the Avengers in the present day. At 34, Chris Evans is definitely not the 96-year-old man Steve would be today. As it turns out, Microsoft isn't that far off at 37. I guess patriotism and teamwork does keep you young at heart.

Bruce Banner

Character Age: 46

Mark Ruffalo: 48

Microsoft Age: 40

In the MCU, Bruce Banner, the man who became the Hulk, is 46-years-old, just two years younger than his current big screen counterpart, played by Mark Ruffalo. According to Microsoft, the MCU's Bruce Banner definitely doesn't look it – it lists him as a good eight years younger. Those long nights in the laboratory might have helped Banner out more than he knows.

The Hulk

Character Age: Indeterminate

Microsoft Age: 46

The Hulk might just be a CGI goliath, but it was made with Mark Ruffalo's face and motion capture. The Hulk is a monstrous transformation of a super pissed Bruce Banner and technically his own entity, but not without Banner's physical framework. It turns out the big green guy looks six years older to Microsoft's algorithms – Bruce Banner's exact age. Anger really does age you, apparently.

Black Widow

Character age: 32

Scarlett Johansson: 31

Microsoft age: 27

We don't know just how old the MCU's Natasha Romanov was when she was whisked away to the Soviet Union's clandestine Black Widow program, but going by the MCU's timeline, she would be 32 today – a year older than MCU actress Scarlett Johansson. As luck would have it, Microsoft's algorithms were just four years off, pinning Natasha at 27. I guess a spy's life does pay off.


Character Age: N/A

Chris Hemsworth: 32

Microsoft age: 40

Thor may be a deity or something close to it in the MCU, but alas, his onscreen portrayer, Chris Hemsworth, isn't in reality – as far as we know. Microsoft guesses that the mighty Thor is about 40. Hemsworth, meanwhile, is 32. I suspect the grizzled beard may have had something to do with it. It seems like years of dealing with his errant brother's hijinks have taken their toll on the God of Thunder.


Character Age: 45

Jeremy Renner: 45

Microsoft Age: 49

Former special agent and Avenger Clint Barton, codenamed Hawkeye, is 45 according to the MCU, the same age as his film counterpart, Jeremy Renner. Given all the cuts and scrapes Barton's been through in the MCU thus far, it's a mild surprise that Microsoft gauges him at just 49. You would think that being mind-controlled by Loki would take a lot more out of you!

Scarlet Witch

Character Age: Unknown

Elizabeth Olsen: 27

Microsoft Age: 20

The MCU's Scarlet Witch (a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff) has the power to transcend time and space in addition to shaving a good seven years off her visual age according to Microsoft's software. You go, Wanda!


Character Age: Unknown

Anthony Mackie: 37

Microsoft Age: 40

War veteran and Avenger Sam Wilson, codenamed Falcon, has seen a lot of things on and off the battlefield. That apparently doesn't stop him from staying in tip top shape for his age, which is 40 according to Microsoft. At 37, actor Anthony Mackie looks like his wings won't be clipped anytime soon.


Character Age: Unknown

Paul Rudd: 46

Microsoft Age: 33

Most things about Scott Lang are a mystery, including his age. By Microsoft's estimates, the years have treated him and actor Paul Rudd pretty well, though. At 46, Rudd can pat himself on the back for looking a good 13 years younger on Microsoft's age scale.

Tony Stark

Character Age: 46

Robert Downey Jr. 50

Microsoft Age: 38

Booze, bullets, and a broken heart have left Tony with more than a few scars, but he sure doesn't let it show. The 46-year-old billionaire playboy, played by the 50-year-old Robert Downey Jr., is just 38 by Microsoft's own estimate. Money can't buy everything, but it sure can take an extra eight years off of your face.

James Rhodey

Character Age: Unknown

Don Cheadle: 51

Microsoft Age: 73

Serving your country can take its toll, and it seems the years haven't been too kind for Lt. Colonel James "War Machine" Rhodes. At 51, War Machine actor Don Cheadle doesn't look anywhere close to the ripe-old age of 73 just yet. Then again, being best friends with Iron Man will do that. Seriously, Rhodey, you really are getting too old for putting up with Tony's shenanigans.

Nick Fury

Character Age: Unknown

Samuel L. Jackson: 67

Microsoft Age: 47

How, when, and if the MCU's Nick Fury took the super soldier serum that created Captain America is a question Marvel hasn't answered yet on the big screen. Regardless, Fury is looking great by Microsoft's standards. While Samuel L. Jackson might be 67 in real life (67!), he looks a good 20 years younger as our favorite S.H.I.E.L.D director. Now that's something to smile about, Nick.

Hank Pym

Character Age: Unknown

Michael Douglas: 71

Microsoft Age: 67

Superhero scientist and inventor Hank Pym was saving the world since before most of us were in diapers. He was, however, able to age gracefully in the process. Microsoft pinned the MCU's elder Ant-Man at 67 – only four years off from 71-year-old Michael Douglas's age. Looking good, Mike!

Hank Pym (Young)

Character Age: Mid to late '40s

Michael Douglas circa 1989: 45

Microsoft Age: 40

It's rare to find flashbacks in the MCU, but kudos to Marvel for doing them with authenticity. A combination of brilliant CGI and astonishing makeup brought us an all-too-real look at a 40-something Hank Pym circa 1989, courtesy of a performance by Michael Douglas himself. The transformation was real enough to virtually fool Microsoft, which estimated Douglas to be around 40 for the scene. In reality, Douglas was 45 at the time. Marvel may yet be our future fountain of youth.


Character Age: Less than a year

Paul Bettany: 44

Microsoft Age: 46

A powerful, synthetic being born from a Vibranium-laced body created by Ultron and Helen Cho, Vision was programmed and repurposed by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner and activated by the mystical Mind Stone. As such, Vision is a virtually immortal being with no age beyond his physical creation, but not according to Microsoft. Its algorithms estimate that the newborn superhero, portrayed by the facial capture of 44-year-old Paul Bettany, is roughly 46-years-old by our mortal standards. So exactly when will Vision have his midlife crisis, then? Only time will tell.

So there you have it, folks. The heroes of the MCU are aging pretty well if I must say so myself. With age comes wisdom, and hopefully that means our Avengers will make sure to keep taking care of themselves in the near future.

Did any of these results surprise you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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