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So, after all this time, we finally got our first real look at the man in the black suit. We finally got to see the face of the monster that has been terrorizing our favorite speedsters for an entire season. And, lo and behold, when the maniacal villain pulled off his mask... well, there were a couple different reactions.

Some of us more than likely shouted something to the effect of, "I WAS RIGHT"! while others quietly mumbled something more along the lines of, "Well, I blew that one." Or, there were probably some of you out there who responded the way I did: "OH. SNAP. I did *NOT* see that one coming"! Now, you might notice that up to this point, I still haven't revealed the identity of the man behind the mask. Well, that was to give a break to those who missed the spoiler warning at the top. But beyond this point, it's all fair game.

WARNING: ZOOM'S REAL IDENTITY IS REVEALED BELOW! Anyone who does not know (or does not wish to know) should not proceed beyond this point!


Hello, my name is NOT Jay Garrick
Hello, my name is NOT Jay Garrick

Yes, that's right. Zoom really is his comic book counterpart! Who knew, right?

Now that we've gotten the big reveal out of the way, let's talk about what it means for the rest of the season. Zoom killing off Jay Garrick was not totally unexpected, but his statement upon seeing Jay's lifeless body certainly was.

Zoom, on seeing Jay's corpse, says bluntly, "Well...That's a complication." What exactly Zoom means by that is open to debate. It could mean a couple of different things. For example, it might mean that Zoom intended to impersonate Jay later and now will not be able to without arousing suspicion. Alternatively, it could mean that because Jay lost his speed due to his usage of Velocity-6, Zoom realizes that he will now not be able to obtain it from his deceased counterpart. Because, as we know, Zoom told Barry that he needed him alive (although not necessarily well) in order to steal his speed. As long as Jay was alive, there was the possibility of him getting his speed back, albeit just long enough for Zoom to swoop in and claim it. With Jay dead, Zoom has lost his opportunity to gain access to Jay's speed force.

But what does all this mean for the future of Barry Allen and his team? And, perhaps more importantly, if Zoom really is Hunter Zolomon, why did he choose to target Earth-2's Crimson Comet before setting his sights on the Scarlet Speedster? The first question is fairly simple to answer: because Zoom lost his chance at obtaining Jay Garrick's speed, this failure will make him more determined than ever to not make the same mistake with Barry. The second question is a bit more complex. Why Zoom chose to attack Jay before Barry has yet to be explained, but hopefully this issue will be addressed soon.

'The Flash' returns March 22! Will you be watching?


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