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We're only a couple of episodes into the second half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead, but I'm already itching to see more of Carol Peletier kicking ass, taking names and being an all-around badass. As a fan favorite, it's always easy to cheer along with her success and lament her loss.

While killing swarms of walkers is nothing new to the cast of The Walking Dead, it never really gets old for audiences. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carol actress Melissa McBride has massacred her fair share of the undead, but she's not above picking favorites:

“I have two favorite walker kills. One of them was in season 4 where Carol goes down to the bridge outside of the fence at the prison to get the gunk out of the hose. And Rick sees her down there and is of course calling her — ‘Carol!’
“If he hadn’t called her, do you think the walkers would have noticed? Anyway, so the walkers come and she’s got to kill them and she runs up to the fence and kills one with the hacksaw. And it gets stuck in its head. That was a really fun one to shoot.”

The other kill she recalls is on a much grander scale and grants viewers a totally unforgettable scene of carnage:

“The other one was Terminus. And that was just to obliterate a bunch of them with an explosion and that was a lot of fun.”

With as many walkers as the cast has killed, it's interesting learning that some really do stick with you more than others.

'The Walking Dead' airs on AMC on Sundays.

Which walker kill was your favorite?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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