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Last time aliens invaded Earth under the fire-brimmed watch of Roland Emmerich, the Brits were pipe-smoking stereotypes who were all "about bloody time" about America’s plan of attack. If such representations hold any water after Big Will and Jeff, uh, Goldblum hacked into the extraterrestrial alien's star fleet, we probably sat back drinking tea, eating cookies and continued watching the footie, as we didn’t have Downton back then.

So what will us honored few, under the rule of HRH, be doing when the intergalactic s**t hits the fan in Independence Day Resurgence, then? Well, if Empire’s exclusive still is anything to go by, we’ll most likely be getting vaporized en masse.

Peace out, London.
Peace out, London.

Looking somewhere along the lines of if a Bay-anized Unicron took one planet-sized dump over the River Thames, the still shows nothing but chaos and destruction. Is this a flaming-hot upgrade to the original ships that descended in the 1996 boom fest? Is Big Ben about to meet the big demise? Can Bill Pullman deliver another rousing, cheese-soaked speech in time before the world goes down the crapper? Fingers crossed, eh?

For those that might not know, Resurgence will see those pesky space invaders from the ’96 attack come back to start something yet again. Unfortunately, Cpt. Steve Hiller (Will Smith) has bitten the dust between now and the last film, leaving the safety of our planet in the hands of his good chum David Levinson (Goldblum) and Hiller Jr., played by Jessie Usher.

Also along for the building-crushing, sea-boiling, Earth-shattering antics are OG resistance fighters Bill Pullman, Vivica Fox and Brent "releeeease meeeee" Spiner. They’re going to be joined by Liam Hemsworth, It Follows’s Maika Monroe, Joey King and Sela Ward. See if any of them try and replicate as epic a moment as: "Welcome to Earth" *punch* when the Resurgence begins June 24.

Are you excited for 'Independence Day: Resurgence'?


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