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Hal Jordan is the most well known and popular character to don the Green Lantern Mantle. Theres much debate over who would play him best. With Ryan Reynolds Green lantern film being well.. A shit fest of a movie. Fans want someone else in the Green Costume.

Below is who I think should play Hal Jordan..

Jensen Ackles!!

Jensen Ackles(star of CW's Suppernatural) would make a perfect Hal jordan, heres why:

Hals Traits:

  • Cocky
  • Ladies Man
  • Adventurous
  • Hero
  • Joker

Since 2005 Jensen Ackles has been playing Dean Winchester an Action hero who is:

  • cocky
  • ladies man
  • adventurous
  • hero
  • comedic

I mean hes pratically playing a superhero already! Deans know stranger to super powers and magic. And with Jensen nailing a role with all that already hed make a perfect Green lantern!


Jensen already has a SuperHero Physique


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