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Netflix sequel series Fuller House doesn't premiere until this Friday, but the reviews are already rolling in for the highly anticipated revival. The show resuscitates the central storyline of nostalgia magnet Full House, placing D.J. Tanner in Danny's role as a single parent raising her three kids. Naturally, her sister and her best friend come to her aid, and hilarity ensues.

At least, that was the goal.

Now that certain outlets have had the chance to view at least the first six episodes, reactions have been trickling out around the Internet. Prepare yourself for some brutal criticism, Full House fans. For your sake, I will start with some positive responses.

The Good

In Complex, writer Khal points out that Netflix has a dearth of family-friendly sitcoms, and Fuller House fills the gap:

Criticize the show for being corny, or how white it is (Kimmy's daughter Ramona makes a crack in the second episode about living with "the whitest family in America," going as far as to likening the Fullers to "albino polar bears drinking milk in a snowstorm watching Frozen"), but for Netflix to continue to be a serious alternative to regular television, it needs something like Fuller House.

Slate television critic Willa Paskin points out all the inanity and fan service that the show revels in, but it's still one of the better reviews:

Fuller House is a dopey sitcom, but you can watch it with your entire family without offending anything but your intelligence.

Lastly, New York Times TV critic James Poniewozik acknowledges its traditional humor:

Those who outright hated the show (and had no qualms about saying it) had a little more fun with their reviews.

The Bad

Deadline's Dominin Patten saw potential in the early episodes, but he felt the series totally falls off toward the end:

Once the grown-ups of the original cast split, there’s only any there there in this sequel of sorts for the most die-hard of Full House fans. Maybe we know now why the Olsen twins decided to not participate. And it’s a real shame because Fuller House starts off so well...

Daniel Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter figures Fuller House will feature the absolute worst episode of TV this year:

It's doubtful that there will be a more painful 2016 TV episode than the Fuller House pilot, which takes an inexcusable 35 minutes to establish a plot that is just an inversion of the original Full House premise.

It gets worse when it comes to some of the other reviews out there.

The Ugly

Entertainment Weekly, not known for being overly pretentious or critical, gave Fuller House a score of a "C-" and didn't hold back in its estimation:

A warm fable about women supporting one another through a rough passage of life? A thoughtful idea, but the execution is terribly thoughtless. Spirited performances are wasted on subpar famcom treacle. The women are caricatures.


Lastly, AV Club refers to the comeback series as "a porn parody without the porn":

There’s no better argument against Fuller House than its own pilot, which acts as the indulgent, diehards-only series finale never granted to Full House when it was abruptly canceled in its eighth season. It even begins with a chunk of Full House’s opening credit sequence, a reminder of how sturdy the original show was for its time.

Despite the fact that the show currently stands at an unflattering 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, all the reviews point to the same thing: Diehard fans will still love the show. If you're in that category, none of these reviews should deter you from watching the latest nostalgic throwback, Fuller House.


Will you tune in for 'Fuller House'?


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