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James Onaka
l from Earth -2 and are doppelgänger. Zoom is Hunter Zolomon,before the breaches were open he and Jay, were fighting; keeping the events of the flashback episodes Jay told true. After taking his powers, Zoom found out Jay is the Flash, he captured him stole his costume and helmet and placed him in his lair in that cell and put that helmet, preventing his powers from working. Now we move on to the character Hannibal Bates aka Everyman, from season one. After learning about the multiverse and the existence of Barry being the Flash in Earth-1, Zoom found him in Earth-2 forced him to copy Jay's appearance, gave him Jay's costume and helmet and told him to go to Earth-1 and learn more about Barry. Hannibal Bates, would later learn about Barry and his team and would often meet Zoom, giving him new information; explaining the absence of "Jay", in certain episodes, Zoom would also tell him what to say to Barry and the team should they ask about him or how Jay lost his powers. Hannibal would eventually go on to develop feeling for Caitlyn, Zoom learning about this, threatens him resulting in Hannibal lying and telling Caitlyn he is dying. Caitlyn being the scientist she is, tells him she can't find his doppelgänger, Hannibal scared tells Zoom about this, Zoom then tells him to take Caitlyn to the park,where he is sitting in his civilian identity; Hunter Zolomon, explaining the episode where Jay shows Caitlyn his doppelganger,this was in fact Zoom. Caitlyn believes this as she and the team have no idea what Zoom really looks like. Eventually Hannibal becomes good as he cannot stand the innocence people Zoom is harming and killing, as "Jay", he tells Barry about Earth-2, when Barry decides to go there. Hannibal cuts ties with Zoom and decides he wants to live a new life on Earth-1 with Caitlyn. Zoom learning about this becomes enraged. Now to Earth-2, when Barry was a prisoner he meets the man in the iron mask; the real Jay Garrick, When Jay spells out his name and Barry tells him about Jay being in Earth-1 he shakes his head as he knows that one is an imposter using his name and working for Zoom. When Barry promises to come back for him, the real Jay is happy because another speedster, who is unlike Zoom, will rescue him from Zoom. Towards the end of the episode, when the breaches are closing, Zoom sees Hannibal Bates, standing smiling at Caitlyn, he pulls him back into Earth-2, accidentally killing him as he pierced him in the chest with his claws. Back to Earth-2; Zoom carries Hannibal's lifeless body, Jay seeing this is shocked, as an innocent meta-human pretending to be him, has died because of Zoom. Zoom removes his mask, revealing him to be Hunter zolomon; Jay's doppelgänger, he say; this creates a complication because, he has lost; his connection to Earth-1, information about Barry and his team and he know, Caitlyn well be heartbroken and devastated about losing Jay, not knowing that he wasn't the real Jay Garrick to begin with.

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