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Episode 10 of The Walking Dead's Season 6, introduced fans to the long-awaited arrival of Paul 'Jesus' Monroe. 'Jesus' hasn't revealed himself to be either a survivor or another killer like The Governor, but his comic-book counterpart introduces Rick's group to the other communities in the area near Alexandria. At the conclusion of Episode 10, we saw Jesus get out of his restraints and walk in on Rick and Michonne and the promo for Episode 11 shows Jesus leading Rick and his group somewhere. Could Jesus be leading Rick's group to show them that a larger community still exists within the world of The Walking Dead. If this is the case, then Season 6 will most likely be introducing some fan-favorite characters from the comics that don't meet the core group of characters until Jesus and Negan begin interacting with Alexandria and the other nearby communities like the Hilltop Community. The promo for Episode 11 has shown Jesus leading Rick somewhere, if Jesus is indeed leading Rick to the new world, a larger world then they will soon find out that Negan is also a part of that world. To back up, Jesus' intentions were never made clear in Episode 10 but his actions and lack of action may prove that Jesus is the one looking for capable survivors to bring into his larger community of survivors rather than Rick being the one recruiting him. Jesus has had the opportunity to kill Daryl and allow a walker to bite him, and hasn't instigated a violent confrontation with either Rick or Daryl, could his actions back up the theory that Jesus is recruiting individuals for his group, maybe even reintroducing fans to the speculated return of Morales while aligning the two groups? Or could Jesus' character be twisted to fit the television series by flipping his character to be a soldier for Negan, being a soldier in charge of finding groups like Rick's to dictate over. It was already revealed by Negan's biker gang wanting for Daryl to meet with Negan. Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham being people Negan would want to know, that could mean that there are other people out in the world of The Walking Dead working for Negan to find valuable survivors which Negan can hold dominion over. Jesus' intentions aren't clear yet but this week's episode of The Walking Dead will most likely see some of Jesus' intentions becoming clearer.


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