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Directed by: Gregory Plotkin

Starring: Katie Featherson, Chris Murray, Brit Shaw

The 6th and hopefully final installment to a franchise that should have well... died after long ago, had brought fans scares, jumps, disappointment, hatred, and well embarrassment for the most part, but while a great majority of viewers hated it (11% rating) I do have to say the sixth installment and overall Paranormal Activity series is one of my guilty pleasures.

The story starts from Paranormal activity 3 actually when the setting is in the 1980's and little Katie and her sister are experiencing these strange occurrences in their home. At the end of that film it turns out their grandmother has been doing most of the paranormal work and bringing the nightmare known as Toby kills Katie and her sisters mother and father, and that's where The Ghost Dimension starts.

If franchises could actually make the stories somewhat connected that would be nice. Lately when making films beyond a trilogy, there is always a "before all this happened" scenario, or "we must go back to the beginning". I mean sure it works and most cases it's like oh boy here we go again. So part 6 starts when a new family, husband, wife, and only daughter, are setting up decorations pick up a box that has all these vhs tapes and this decked out fancy recorded that shows some weird dark movements when recording, from the commercials, they tell you, you finally get to see Toby, you get to witness the activity, it's a pretty nice tactic, and about time they finally use it. While the recording happens, the cliche paranormal activity story happens, they find some stuff in the footage, doors closing, people sleepwalking, invisible chats, and weird satanic stuff, all leading up to another bust ending, that still leaves me with more questions then what the tv marketing ad had promised that all would be answered... lies!

What worked?

We saw Toby. Great. It's a person but a devil agitated goat from hell! Yeah that works so hysterically cool. Not sarcastic, but it was funny approach and I enjoyed the bad spirit was this ticked off goat with a thousand eyes, of course it was creative. Spoiler: everyone dies. This is fantastic! I hated all the people in the casting, nothing like a horror film that slashed everyone up in bizarre new ways. Something pleasant about that that gets me. Oh well. I'm sadistic! If a horror movie kills everyone off, it's decent in my book. The new camera approach where you can see the malevolent deeds occur is a nice little feature that did produce some jumps. This movie is just filled with jumps that still darn well get me, the intense quietness of the moments of scares still give the chills, and it's something I know is coming but still gets me! It's an incredible feeling! As much as everyone hates these movies, I enjoy them for what they are; silly scares, with unfortunate characters that meet their doom from silly rituals and crazy people, while still freaking me out! I enjoyed this a good amount, and maybe I want to see another spin off attempt like they did with Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones; now that was a funny, good time. They're just funny to me, pretty entertaining and when it wants to be serious, I'll allow it only knowing that everyone will die. Brilliant! Also what was an interesting feature was the time warping from house to house, time to time (Dimension title for a reason guys). All nifty ideas, trying to revamp this dead series, yet it still made a ton from its small budget, but it is not always about the money folks, it is about the product. Hopefully the product has seen its last days as much as I like this series, it is time for something new! Probably will not happen but one can hope!

What didn't work?

Ridiculously idiotic characters. Honey I think are baby girl is lonely; uh gee what makes you say that sweetie pie? She is attempting to burn the bible!!! ... Oh well that's a phase it'll pass. What!?! Like at least attempt some decency before you die for goodness sake. Ok, those exact words and exact scene did not happen, but there was a similar event in which the mother catches the daughter attempting to burn the bible, and the next morning when she explains what she saw to her friend in whom she retorts like a dummy, that she does not understand; maybe it was an accident. Stop. Please. Let's take a moment of seriousness and realize your daughter is freaking possessed. Makes sense! Every single character had an uh oh moment once or twice before they died and I applauded their deaths, I welcomed it thinking, alright guys time to die, and time to wrap up this mess. They attempt to put in humor, and it does not work because you're facing a demon that might turn you into mush ketchup, and your only panic mode words are, "I should've stayed with mom!", nice thinking there chief. I would have left like day 1 when the camera was found. It just never makes sense, any of the dialogue, the footage being explained so stupidly, it's a guilty pleasure mess! I really am disappointed with the fact that none of my questions were answered when the end came, like who is Toby as human form is it the guy that has been with the kids since this all started in the 80's? Why does the dimension go to an I'm assuming 80 version of the house that this family lives in? Why are the people still dumb? And why was there an alternate ending that still does not make sense?! No spoilers on that but if you watch it, you'll just be even a thousand times clueless, and your brain will just not compute anymore.

As much as you want to give Paranormal Activity the Ghost Dimension a shot at redemption for the obnoxious, childish sequels, I just would not bother. If you're a guilty pleasure fan of this like myself, watch it, try to enjoy it for what it's for; Another jump scare, entertaining, lifeless mess!


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