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For those who aren't aware, there are fans who like to pair certain characters together and wish they were in a relationship. In fandoms, this is shortened to 'ships. Short for relationship, get it? Cool. If a ship is brought into the actual show then it is canon. Canon is the ideal situation for any shipper (someone who ships).

Now after that crash course, here's the introduction of a new ship. This time it is for The Flash. In episode 215, 'King Shark', the team has to beat what is basically a shark with legs. King Shark as he calls himself escaped from A.R.G.U.S. They figure out how to track him down with the help of Harrison Wells and his daughter Jessie, newly....immigrated...from Earth-2.

Who am I shipping after this episode?

Jessie Wells and Cisco Ramon. Why you ask? What makes these two a good couple? Well first there's the fact that according to Harrison Wells, Jessie is 'the smartest person I know.' This is supported by a clip:

That in mind, who better to challenge Cisco Ramon mentally? Then there was the exchange while they are tracking King Shark where they have been waiting for the metahuman for hours. Harrison Wells then starts questioning Cisco about what he may have done wrong, leading to Cisco being a little miffed. Jessie then joins right in, only she's joking and Cisco knows it. The whole exchange is hilarious and, to me, feels like flirting between the two characters. It's fun, it's light-hearted, and it makes me want to see more interaction between the two.

I really do hope this one becomes canon, but either way this ship is definitely sailing.


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