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Since the return of the TV series The Walking Dead, I felt it was appropriate to mention World War Z becoming a trilogy. It has been announced that World War Z 2 will be released in 2017, which is only a year away! Max Brooks the writer of both the book and movie is going to be involved, which leads us to believe this is going to be an amazing turnout. What about the casting and storyline? What happens next?


The most important thing about making a sequel is to keep the characters that were in the first movie. When the cast of a movie changes the whole story gets changed, they don't act the same or they just don't fit the part. It's like if you were to take Andrew Lincoln out of his leading role of Rick in The Walking Dead and replaced him with Matthew McConaughey. Matthew's great but there is no Rick Grimes without Andrew.

Brad Pitt has said yes to the role of Gerry Lane wanting to keep to the first movie's storyline. It's rumored that all of the cast members are to remain the same, although on IMDb the only person listed is Brad Pitt. They still have a year though to get all the other actors/actresses on board. I think Brad Pitt likes to keep things authentic, feeling the same way as the fans in keeping the same cast. The director (Marc Forster) of World War Z is rumored to be staying close to Brad Pitt who was the producer, so they could have some really amazing ideas.

Zombie's and Storyline

World War Z was an amazing movie, the zombies were cracked out and crazy and had immense strength. Nothing stood in their way of getting the next meal, from bashing their heads into windshields and jumping off of buildings. That is how it would be. No thought other than food. The ending was a bit disappointing, due to the fact that they fixed all the problems. Let's just get something straight, NOTHING goes according to plan. Where could this go? The vaccine somehow develops the virus or the virus continues. I know in the book it spoke of different locations and how people were affected by the virus but in trying to follow Gerry Lane's story could get a bit tricky. I'm sure they won't let us down, though.

In 2013, opening night World War Z made $66 Million just starting out and worldwide made 111.8 Million. Making that much money on opening night would encourage you to make another movie. I'm sure there will be viewers no matter the case of how they try to revive this zombie apocalypse. Although a lot can happen in a years time I think this could be a wonderful movie for a trilogy to bring that zombie we've all been waiting for.

World War Z compared to other zombie movies

Personally, I could watch World War Z a million more times and never get tired of it. Though many people criticized the CGI in the movie even George A. Romero saying:

"Brad Pitt was the guy that took the big bite with ‘World War Z,’ and butchered it basically…. The zombies were like army ants. It was like the remake of ‘The Naked Jungle' "

That's a bit harsh. I liked the effects of this movie, and I loved the concept that they weren't slow and dumb. These zombies were fast and unlike anything we've ever seen. Take 28 Day Later; for instance, you barely saw a zombie. It was a man walking around screaming for help for the first half of the movie. As for World War Z, the action started immediately!

We've seen slow zombies in herds which wasn't considered "butchered," so why would adrenaline zombies be much different? In fact, I find it more terrifying to think the undead could catching you because of that speed they possess.

I'm excited to see what World War Z 2 has in store for us. I am already pleased just to know the fact that Brad Pitt will be starring in the sequel. We need a good trilogy movie. I think World War Z has that potential to be memorable and amazing.


Do you think World War Z 2 will be sucessful?


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