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In the last episode of Dance Moms, Abby was seen picking on her favorite dancer, Maddie, and her younger sister, Mackenzie. When their mother Melissa confronted Abby about the way she was treating her daughters, Abby responded that she was angry that Melissa had not gotten her invited to the Ellen Degeneres show where Maddie performed a solo.

Afterward, the moms speculated that Abby was jealous that Maddie's career was taking off, while Abby's was tanking with all her legal troubles and court battles.

"SLOPPY!" Abby criticizes Maddie.
"SLOPPY!" Abby criticizes Maddie.

I think there's more to it than that. Given her attitude, Abby seems resentful of Maddie's success because she played a large part in getting her to where she is today. Abby expects to be invited to every gig or interview Maddie gets so that she can get the credit she feels she deserves. Whenever Melissa fails to obtain permission for Abby to attend as well, Abby feels slighted and offended; this results in Maddie being bullied by her former cheerleader, and possibly getting cast away in favor of other dancers.

In the episode preview for next week, Abby is seen asking Brynn's mother, Ashlee, to man the front desk and work as her secretary. Back in season one of Dance Moms, it was Melissa who was Abby's slave; in exchange for her desk work, Maddie received private lessons and lots of one on one attention from Abby and her other teachers. Now, it appears Abby is readying Brynn for the same treatment.

Melissa used to work for Abby; not anymore.
Melissa used to work for Abby; not anymore.

Much of Brynn's success will depend on Ashlee's behavior. Ashlee is feisty and opinionated - unlike Melissa, who often keeps her feelings to herself. She has also had a few confrontations with Abby which have gotten Brynn placed on probation. Watch below:

Abby is testing Ashlee and seeing if she can make her into her new Melissa so that she can provide Brynn with all the training Maddie had. It's interesting to see Maddie lose some of her favor with Abby who may feel that all of her professional work means she has outgrown her.

Do you think Maddie can be replaced by Brynn? Will Ashlee behave herself or ruin things for her daughter? What will happen next? Comment below and share your theories!


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