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I guess I'll start off with the main basis of my theory. Keep in mind most of this is speculation however I'm hoping to present enough evidence to make theory seem at least plausible. Also there will be spoilers for Star Wars episode 7 so if you have not watched it, stop reading now. First off I think the guy we saw in episode 7 who introduced himself as Snoke is undoubtedly Darth Plagueis the wise the master of our beloved Lord Sidious, however I do not believe Plagueis to be Snoke but instead taking the name Snoke to hide the true Snoke's identity which is none other then Jar Jar. Don't get me wrong when I first heard the theory that Jar Jar was Snoke I thought it was some joke created by the Jar Jar hate club. But very recently I was presented all of the evidence on why Jar Jar is actually more then some bumbling idiot and I'm fully convinced he is some force sensitive warrior that is behind a lot more then we first thought. I'm not going to go into full detail on the evidence on why Jar Jar is more then he seems but I'll go over the important parts. First off when he's fighting the droid army he is not just implementing an ancient shaloin monk fighting style know as drunk fist, but he is implementing the style perfectly. Keeping in mind Jar Jar is computer generated we can assume nothing done with his character is an accident. You can also see that everytime someone does or said something to his benefit he makes some sort of hand gesture implying he is perhaps using a mind trick on them (again I won't go into details on the exact instances but there are a lot of videos online that show this in a lot of detail). While my Jar Jar theory does contain a lot of these elements on why Jar Jar is a powerful force sensitive being, my theory varies in one very key way. If you watch almost any Jar Jar video they will talk about Palpatine and Jar Jar being allies but my theory is that they weren't allies at all but instead enemies.

I have two main peices of evidence for this. The first one is the battle of Naboo. It seems pretty clear that Papatine's plan was to become Chancellor and deal with the Tarde Federation himself using his new given power, this would in effect have him become more popular wih the people as a Julius Caesar like war hero which would then allow the senate to give him emergency powers later on. However Jar Jar thwarts these plans by in spring the idea in Padme to instead seek the help of the gungans to liberate Naboo. this hen allows Jar Jar to become a general and then a representitive allowing his political power and influence to grow. While this may not be specific evidence that Jar Jar and Sidious are enemies but it at least shows they have relatively different agendas. Next piece of evidence is Padme and Anakin's relationship. I think this was created by Jar Jar inception get he ideas in the two individuals minds. He wouldn't need to do much for Anakin since it seems like he falls for Padme almost immediately, but Jar Jar spends quite a bit of time with Padme as a representitive to be able to convince her she's in love with Anakin. Now your probably wondering doesn't all of this stuff help Palpatine? How can they be enemies? Actually I don't think it was ever Palpaines initial intention to use Anakin's marriage as a reason to turn to the dark side. Knowing Anakin, with the right persuasion Palpatine should've been able to convince him using Anakin's lust for power. But why would Jar Jar want Padme and Anakin to be together? So Luke and Leia can come into the world. Luke was the one who caused Palapines downfall by bringing Lord Vader back to the light side ultimately bringing he end of Darth Sidious bringing aboutthe destruction of the Sith.

This is probably only producing more questions but I'll try to answer them. First off what would Jar Jar's problem be wih Palpatine? A simple answer could be just the bad relations between the people of Naboo and the gungans but this unlikely, instead I have another idea. What if Plagueis had another apprentice? And it was none other then Jar Jar?

That's right what if Palpatine wasn't the first apprentice? If Jar Jar was the first apprentice then why did Palpaitne replace him? My guess would be if Jar Jar really is as powerful as people make him seem like he is in episode one then Jar Jar is one of the most powerful vein to ever live, so it's plausible that if Plagueis was training Jar Jar he would be able to notice Jar Jar's skill very early on and get worried Jar Jar would overthrow him very early making Plagueis unable to fullfill his plan of ruling he Galaxy. So he abandons Jar Jar and replaced him with Palpatine. If this is true then it would make sense why Jar Jar would want Palpatine to die by the hands of his own apprentice. And have a disdain for the Sith in general.

Of course now our probably wondering then why would Jar Jar give Palpatine emergency powers? Well two reasons, one to destroy the Jedi (just because Jar Jar doesn't like the Sith doesn't mean he want the Jedi around either) and two, to create the empire.

Right now Jar Jar has the perfect situation to create the first order, his enemy is dead, there's only a couple Jedi only one with any formal training, and thousands of imperial soldiers out there looking for a new cause and purpose. Plus assuming Plagueis Jar Jar's formal master turns out to be alive Jar Jar might be able to convince him to take over the Galaxy. Especially since the apprentice Plagueis originally tried taking over the Galaxy with betrayed him but of course as its been said over and over the Sith always betray one another so Plagueis might be thinking he can betray Jar Jar (and Jar Jar might be thinking the same thing with Plagueis).

If your thinking this is all just two ridiculous I wouldn't blame you but I have another piece of evidence and as the title implies it involvesCaptain Phasma.

As I was watching episode seven one thing question kept burning in the back of my mind, where is the first order getting their money for all of this? The projects the first order are tackling such as creating a super Death Star require very large sums of money that they would need from a very specific flow of money specifically from a system of planets. The question is what system would willingly fund the creation of a new galactic empire? My theory as crazy as it sounds is that Naboo (and possibly the banking clan through Plagueis). But Naboo is huge on democracy why would they fund the first order? Well if Jar Jar kept his influence it's possible during his time he would form a radical political party on Naboo that would be supportive of an impetus government. Sound familiar? This is exactly what happens in Germany before WW2. The nazi party was a very radical political party that ended up rising to power through Hitler. Why am I mentioning this? Well the empire has a ton of similarity and influences from Germany, the term storm troopers were a type of elite soldiers used during WW2, and the new order is the return of an powerful military force that threatens the Galaxy. Nazi Germany was the return of Germany's power from their fall during WW1. Also the Nazis took boys from a very young age to be turned into soldiers exactly like the first order. Plus the fact that Palpatine the emperor was from Naboo makes it seems relatively plausible that Jar Jar could've formed this radical political party that would take over Naboo and find the first order. So what does this have to do with Captain Phasma? One of the only things we know about who Captian Phasma is is that her armor is made out of the metal from a Naboo cruiser. So what I think is that Captain Phasma might some how be a relative who is the leader Naboo right now who came from this radical party. This would actually explain a lot because Captain Phasma was allowed to keep her position after she had shut down he shields allowing the super Death Star to be destroyed. That's a pretty big mistake so for someone to not get sliced in half by Kylor Ren because of this seems wierd unless of course she's too important to be killed because if she was the first order would lose support from Naboo and as a result be unable to keep up the fight against the resistance.

So if you are still with me and actually believing this your probably now wondering then. What is Jar Jar doing and why is he working with Plagueis? Well I think Jar Jar right now is working the political field and is using Palgueis as the fake Snoke to train the Knights of Ren. Another advantage of this whole theory is it fits. Jar Jar wouldn't really be a Sith meaning the chosen one (Anakin). Really did destroy the Sith. And Plagueis, Jar Jar, and the Knights of Ren would be a new evil to be destroyed.

So this is my theory. I hope you enjoyed reading this and personally a part of me definetly hopes its true. As one final piece of evidence Vader is Dutch for father and Snoke is Dutch for pike a type of fish Jar Jar strongly resembles.


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