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Jerome Maida

We may be close to the ultimate "healing factor".

With "Deadpool" continuing to destroy box-office records, the "Merc with a "Mouth", who has extraordinary healing powers, that enable him to survive everything from cancer to bullets is possibly within reach, according to renowned physician Dr. Ronald Klatz.

The author of 42 books including the bestseller "Grow Young With HGH", Klatz is a bioscientist with a portfolio of dozens of patents and is president and co-founder of The American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine (

"The key is retraining our immune system to detect the cancers, so the can do what they do naturally - which is kill these buggers (cancer cells)". says Dr. Klatz. "Without that, all the cutting and the chemo and the radiation will likely fail."

"With cancer, the issue is you've got to create a milieu that cancers don't like", he continues. "It's what the Gerson Institute (located in San Diego, California) has done for over 100 years. Whereas cancer was being treated as a death sentence by Western medicine, these guys were curing people with vegetable juices, laying in the sun, and taking extra Vitamin D....These people were getting results and they've been getting results for the past 100 years..documented...quite to the consternation of the western cancer establishment..whose only quote-unquote cures were cut, poison and burn."

"So, my belief is that .... the best thing we can do is to change the milieu of your body so that cancer doesn't like it there."


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