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We all know that movies based on video games have no worked very well in the at all. Which is a shame because the potential in video games to movies is there: find a game with a good story and be loyal to the fans of the game whilst still fixing the story to fit a cinematic feel. No instead we get these movies that the writers just made to get a quick buck cashing on a popular game name:

Though I did think Prince of Persia was okay.
Though I did think Prince of Persia was okay.

Sure once and a while we'll get an okay gem like Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Doom, Silent Hill, Tekken, or the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Movie (yes that exists) but for the most part we get complete garbage like Resident Evil (all of them), Bloodrayne, and Dead or Alive which make me want to slam my head into the wall a few dozens times in hopes of repressing the memory of what I just witnessed.

However with WarCraft and Assassin's Creed coming out this year, there is a chance that video game based movies could possibly be like the newest fad in Hollywood like comic-book movies are and there are SOOOOOO many titles just practically begging for chances to become movie or even big budget TV series and we're going to look at them today. Though before I begin, I want to establish a rule: no games that have already attempted to be movies will not appear on this list.

5. Harvest Moon

A personal favorite franchise from my childhood, I always felt that Harvest Moon games were PERFECT for a TV show: a young man inherits the farm of his dead father in a town which he has to take care of. In the nearby town he meets friends, enemies, and a love interest.

While I wouldn't mind a movie but take a Netflix original series about a guy taking care of his farm with all the comedy, drama, and maybe even some action that comes from the nearby town. Have episodes where the main character has to provide food to the people from his crops or just like the game where there are many bachelorettes in town and he falls in love with just one of them. Have a cute dog sidekick, some lovable characters, a great setting, some good drama, and BOOM! Harvest Moon can become a series for all to love. Maybe even go an American Horror Story route where it is new characters and setting with each season?

4. StarFox

Okay so we have Zootopia, Secret Life of Pets, and even Sing coming out. All feature anthropomorphic animals with some amazing animation. Now these movies look good but they are comedies, whenever its talking animals it is always a comedy: imagine the same type of animation going towards spaceships jetting across planets and stars with badass heroes such as Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy fighting baddies with laser guns, mechs, and tanks in an awesome action flick. Eh? Eh? Hey if Marvel can give us a machine gun toting raccoon then maybe someone like Disney and/or Pixar, Dreamworks, or somebody can give us a Fox in a starfighter.

3. Diablo

WarCraft is Blizzard Entertainment's baby so I understand making that a movie first and I am really looking forward to the movie....however! The game I have begged for Blizzard to do since the very first game is Diablo. Heck, I even remembers rumors way back about a movie based on the first movie starring Val Kilmer and I was hyped but it never happened! Well with today's technology, you could make this into possibly the most epic fantasy movie franchise ever made. However with the story of the games being somewhat extensive, the second or third games would have to be turned into two or even three parters in a similar style of the Hobbit movies which might annoy some people. Simple fix: make a Game of Thrones style HBO series, which would work a lot better considering a lot of the content in the Diablo series. MAKE IT HAPPEN BLIZZARD!

2. Turok

Okay so technically this was based on a comic-book first but most people remember the games. Now why is this on the list you may ask? Well let's see this is a game where a man is teleported across the universe fighting dinosaurs, dinosaurs/alien hybrids, giant monsters, galaxy destroying aliens, giant bugs, and much much much more with big giant futuristic weapons. YEAH! How is this NOT a movie already?

Or they could go the route of the reboot game where it is the distant future and marines are stranded on a planet which is still in its prehistoric eras so weirder and bigger dinosaurs are a threat. Considering the success of the Jurassic Park movies, there REALLY needs to be a new dinosaur franchise and maybe Turok can be that franchise. I just want to finally here the epic line: "I AM TUROK!"

1. The Legend of Zelda

Magic, monsters, swords, fairies, a princess, a brilliant lore, and a warrior destined to save the land. I FREAKING LOVE THE LEGEND OF ZELDA! Still to this day it is my all time favorite video game franchise and really this could work both as a movie and a TV show. In fact there was rumor of a Netflix original series based off Zelda and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hyped for it but it turned out to be not true.

This is my reaction.
This is my reaction.

Though I have not lost faith in the possibility of this idea that a live action Legend of Zelda project. Every one of the games has a world and lore that people would love to see: the high seas of Wind Waker, the great skies of Skyward Sword, the two times of Ocarina of Time, the dark and eerie worlds of Twilight Princess. You could take any of these games and make something great out of them: personally I would pick Ocarina of Time since it is my favorite game ever made but still.

So those are my choices for the best games to movies/TV series adaptations. Did you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments down below!


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