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My theory on the Zoom mystery. Zoom is Jay Garrick's Twin from Earth 2 , their mother died at birth , and both were put up for adoption one became a Garrick and one became a Zolomon. When the particle accelerator blew up on earth 2 they both gained speedster powers except Zolomon's had a reverse effect on him killing him slowly everytime he used it . So he deviced a plan to kidnap his twin who was famous for being earth 2's flash aka Jay Garrick . So he kidnapped his brother and steals his speed but it does not fix his slowly degenerating health . So he sets his sight on Star lab's and Earth 2's Harrison Wells for help . While his twin Jay Garrick is locked in a cell under an iron mask Zolomon creates his alter ego Zoom . He enlist earth 2's Everyman a shapeshifter to work for him and act like Jay Garrick. By having the fake Jay lose to Zoom constantly he convinces wells to help him defeat Zoom by giving him velocity 6 but it's only a temporary fix . By now time is running out for Zoom and he needs more speed to survive longer. This is when the singularity happens and he decides to see if there's more speedster's on earth 1 . When he reaches earth 1 he finds his doppelgänger Hunter Zolomon who does not have a twin and does not have speed and was not adopted this was just a lie he told Caitlyn to throw her off his trail . He also finds out there is no Jay Garrick on this earth . So he sets his sights on earth 1's Flash Barry Allen. So to figure out who is who he go's to star labs posing as Jay Garrick and with the help of Everyman the shapeshifter he's able to be Zoom while keeping a mole in star labs . When his plan to steal flashes speed hits a snag he gets frustrated and kills the Fake Jay Garrick aka earth 2's Everyman . Please let me know your thoughts thank you


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