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It starts with the original title screen explaining what happened in Star Wars the force awakens then we go to acht-to were Rey is giving Luke his fathers lightsaber a Luke looks at his fathers lightsaber but then looks at Rey and remembers something that now he knows that his wife did give birth to a child. Luke then looks at Rey and and says keep it not telling her that she is his daughter. 6 months later

We go to Kyle ren and smoke were snoke says " Kylo ren u are no done with your training " Kylo ren says " We must find the resistance " Smoke says " Have patience Kylo " Kylo ren says " I will have my revenge for what they did " Snoke says " You will in time "

Then we go to the Mulenium Falcon were Poe is sitting next to sleeping and injured Finn. Finn wakes up from his injured coma toast. Finn says " Where am i " Poe says " Your on the Mulenium Falcon " Finn: Where's Rey Poe: She fine she's on a island with the legend Luke skywalker Finn: What happened Poe: in your fight with Kylo ren he injured and put you in acoma Finn: how long was I in acoma Poe: 6 months. Finn then gets up fut feels pain and sits back down. Poe helps Finn get up and takes him to a room for help

Now we go to Rey and Luke. Luke training Rey saying Am I almost done Luke: Yes you are very close to the path of a Jedi master. Rey sits down and asks Luke what happened at his old Jedi academy Luke: I guess your ready for the story. It starts when his nephew/best pupil was subdued by a darkside force user then he killed all of my Jedi students and he killed my wife (said with a tear rolling down Luke's cheek) Rey: That's horrible Luke: get some rest tommorow we leave this island. Luke that night meditates but he can't meditate in peace cause his mind his just flashing with those memories of Kylo killing his Jedi students haunting him so he goes to sleep. The day comes as Rey and Luke leave acht-to with a ship that's called a Tech fighter. They leave and that go to the secret resistance base. As soon as they come off Leia sees Rey so when she goes outside and then sees Luke and runs and reunite with both.

To be continued on part 2 read that next bye


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