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The blonde beauty graced the pages of Paper magazine donning just a large, brunette wig and straightforward white heels! So, it's very the SKINtillating distribute!

The reason the 48-year-old opted only for footwear during this capture? Properly, she's teamed along with French designer brand name Amélie Pichard to obtain a vegetarian footwear sequence!

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The Baywatch bombshell opened concerning the new assortment, as well as appeared to chuck some understated colour at social networking advertising celebs throughout this method, stating:

"Vegetarian thought is scorching. Which I neglect the satisfaction! As becoming a feminine is thrilling! As becoming a individual is thrilling! No laws. I am not the developer. Superstars are definitely not inventive designers. I do not like the phrase 'celebrity,' provided that people might be popular for no good cause within this social networking tradition. Activism is enjoyable."

The beautiful gal also dished about her enjoy life… such as the new guy she's viewing! OMG! Evidently, he's extremely encouraging of her nude distributes, simply because DUH.

She spilled:

"It's quite freeing to nevertheless have the ability to be personally. Exactly what a comfort. And, to get my kids' authorization, regard and enjoy will be all I needed. Prior to, i also have a gentleman within my daily lifestyle that gets me like in no way. That may be almost every thing! "

Looks like she's less than alone any further!

We can't dangle on to find about this puzzle individual, even though the stunning lady didn't go deep into any depth relating to this new gentleman! We're so that delighted she's satisfied, and yet very secure flaunting her Belongings!


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