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Part 2

Leia reunited with Rey and her lost brother takes them into Maskanatas castle. Leia and Luke sit down at a table when Leia tells Luke everything that happened while he was gone.

We go to a first order ship were Kylo and Snoke are talking about building a second Statkiller base when captain Phasma interrupts them by saying that the resistance is at the castle that they atacked them before and that the girl and Luke skywalker was there. Kylo has been training for the moment he would battle his cousin again. So they send not the first order but the nights of ren. Snoke joins them for some reason

Back at Maskanatas castle the Milenium Falcon lands on the planet that has Maskanatas castle is on. Rey looked at the Falcon and sees Poe helping Finn walk so Rey runs to them. When Rey reaches them she hugs Finn they reunite. They go into the katina as they sit at a table were Leia sees Finn and goes and says hi to him as Luke follows her Luke looks at Finn and knows this is Landos son as Luke says to Leia you didn't tell me Lando had a son Leia says I didn't know he did right after that a alien ran into the kantina screaming the the Knights of ren are atacking the resistance hearing this goes to fight them as Finn is healing Luke and Rey go and fight them. When Luke acedently cut off a knight of ren mask it is one of his old students that were supposedly killed just to make sure Luke force holded there masks to reveal all off his old Jedi students Kylo ren comes out of the ship saying now you know the truth Luke in rage finding this out runs at Kylo but not before Snoke comes out and horror comes to Luke's face as it turns out palpatine has survived and indeed is Snoke Luke stops running at ren cause palpatine shocks Luke with force lighting. The Knights of ren then start winning they kidnap injured Finn and knocked out Rey this is looking bad for Luke

to be continued in part 3 bye


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