ByRichard Uberton, writer at

The [Deadpool](tag:38663) movie is more popular than anyone could have imagined, and I have seen quite a few Easter egg lists. But there is one thing I noticed that no one else seems to have pointed out. And that is that Deadpool wears costumes similar to two characters that predate him, that also most likely served as an inspiration to him, when he was redesigning his costume.

Above is a picture of Storm Shadow. Below is a picture of Deathstroke. When he first made his costume, many of the elements looked like Storm Shadow, a ninja assassin from G.I. Joe who predates Deadpool and probably served as an inspiration to him.

Later on in the montage, he dons a red suit. This suit has it's eyes cut just like Deathstroke had his eyehole cut back in the 90's. In this scene he only carried one sword on his back, probably another nod to Deathstroke. In addition to this, the material seemed to be more like Deathstroke's costume, unlike what Wade wears later in the film.

Did you notice this? Are there any other Easter eggs that no one has noticed? Comment your opinion below!


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