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Oftentimes, you watch a movie or TV show that has a villain in it and find yourself liking or respecting them a little more then you should. Like with Loki or Darth Vader. Well this article is going to be about the exact opposite of that. This is my personal list of antagonists/villains that I actually do despise and hate (or, at least, whoever first pops up in my head). There will be a Part 2 to this list that deals with female villains, but for now this will be dealing with the guys.

1. Gregory William Yates — 'Chicago P.D.'

Dr. Gregory Yates is a character on Chicago P.D. who also featured on Law & Order: SVU in a few crossover episodes. He was a murderer, rapist and kidnapper who crossed many state lines to commit his acts of depravity.

Yates was an evil, conniving, sick, twisted individual. What makes him even worse is how charming, intelligent and crafty he was. He's one of those evil characters that is beyond redemption and feels no remorse for what he does; only enjoyment.

2. Sloane — 'Alias'

Arvin Sloane is the main antagonist on the series Alias. He was head of the agencies SD-6 and APO that both Sydney Bristow and her father Jack worked for, although they actually worked for the CIA as double agents. Sloane often showed concern and affection for the Bristow family, even though he also would try to kill them at every turn and subject them to much pain.

Sloane was a highly intelligent, incredibly evil, maniacal villain. He was calm and sly and spoke with great ease. At times he displayed kindness and was small in stature and physically unintimidating. However, the evil that lurked beneath his surface was constant and extreme. While he spoke of how much he cared for people, he could be the instigator of genocide for the "greater cause."

3. Sylar — 'Heroes'

Syler was the main antagonist in the series Heroes. He was extremely powerful, maybe the most powerful of the superhumans, and he had a very bad upbringing, which is a part of what makes him so terrible.

Syler is honestly a very multilayered villain. This is one reason to almost sympathize with him and enjoy his odd sense of humor. However, of course I can't because he's so prolific with his wickedness. He has been so close to redemption so many different times, but he never could make that leap to the good side. He always cries about the same scars on his soul. He wears his feelings on his sleeve and likes to exploit the pain of other people, as well as causing them physical pain to illustrate how powerful he is. Yes, at times he has flirted with wanting to be better person and more than just a powerful monster, but it never quite outweighed his thirst for evil and murder.

4. The Governor — 'The Walking Dead'

The Governor was the main antagonist in the third season of The Walking Dead. If you ask me, he was basically a miserable, depressed sociopath who put up a really good front and managed to get people to follow him and believe in his vision, as all good sociopaths tend to do.

He was ruthless, sick and deceitful. There wasn't anything good or redeemable about him. He is the perfect villain to hate. He killed Hershel and kept his zombie daughter chained up in his office, not to mention the fact that he kept zombie heads in fish tanks. Oh, and he had a really sick and twisted obsession with Michonne.

5. Pennywise — 'It'

It was a novel written by Stephen King. The movie was based off of this novel. The antagonist, Pennywise The Dancing Clown, was a shapeshifting entity that took on many different forms, appearing to its victims as whatever their fear/phobia was.

Pennywise is a horrifying, powerful jokester. He is basically The Joker with supernatural powers and an obsession with children. Yes, that is as terrible as it sounds. To add to that, just look at his teeth:

Enough said.

6. President Snow — 'The Hunger Games'

President Coriolanus Snow was the horrid, despotic dictator of Panem. He was a sick and conniving man who killed for sport and entertainment — not that he would ever get his hands dirty, of course. Instead, he would cause the war between the people, particularly children, and watch them annihilate each other.

He also constantly reminded Katniss of the evil misdeeds he was responsible for enacting on her and her family, often threatening more.

7. George Harvey — 'The Lovely Bones'

Harvey was a child predator, rapist and murderer, and all his victims were female. He was one of those awkward, smart, friendless guys that drives a big ugly van who made everyone uncomfortable with their presence. You know the type. He murdered his young neighbor Susie Salmon. He tried so hard to cover his tracks and the most aggravating thing is that he managed to get away with all these murders. With Susie's death, her family knew he took their daughter but he got away with it because there just wasn't enough evidence to convict him. (SPOILER ALERT!) It wasn't until the end of the movie that we get some sort of vengeance, when he (thankfully) slipped and fell off a cliff.

8. Commodus — 'Gladiator'

Commodus was selfish, winy and desperate for respect and attention. In a rage he smothered his own father to death after finding out that his nemesis Maximus would be made emperor instead of him. Of course, Maximus's ascension to the throne never happened because Commodus took the crown for himself.

He was sexually attracted to his own sister and how he looked at his nephew was disturbing as well. He ordered for Maximus, his wife and his child to be killed because Maximus disobeyed the order for him to bow to Commodus as emperor. This adolescent was so infuriating as a character/antagonist.

9. Henry Evans — 'The Good Son'

Henry was a psychopath, pure and simple. What makes him so extremely disturbing was that he was just a little boy from a good family with no reason to be so loony. He had no empathy for people and no respect for life itself; he was empty. Henry killed a dog mercilessly and caused a huge accident just for fun, among other things. He was pure evil in the form of a child.

10. Denethor — 'The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King'

Maybe it's the way he barbarically devoured his dinner. Maybe it's because he's a sorry coward and a terrible father. Whatever the reason, this man is hated, and rightfully so. He was a steward that possessed no courage or wisdom. He showed favoritism between his sons Boromir and Faramir, and he was bitter. He almost burned Faramir alive, thinking he was dead, because he was too blinded by madness and he wouldn't listen to Pippin when he told him that his son was alive still. You wouldn't want this man to be your boss or your father, let alone king.

Perhaps Sauron was to blame for this man's madness, but this doesn't even matter. He made his own decisions, or more to the point, he didn't make any. He was truly terrible!


Who do you think was the worst out of the 10 villains on this list?


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