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After a long wait, Vikings is finally back for season 4! After so many surprises and a giant cliffhanger I'm sure fans were anxious to see what was in store. Remember tread lightly, there are spoilers afoot!

Ragnar lives

Despite having fallen gravely, Ragnar lives! Whilst he was unconscious he almost made it to the gates of Valhalla. Luckily for us viewers, he was not allowed in yet! When awoke he woke to a different life. While Ragnar is still king things have happened while he was ill.

Bjorn ventures off

Porunn has left him and his daughter, so Bjorn decides to leave to go into the woods. After making a foolish decision to leave his uncle behind, he wishes to prove himself. To prove he is a man, to himself and his father, Bjorn goes off on this adventure inland using the map he found.

Floki arrested

He killed Athelstan and now he has been tied up for his crimes. As soon as he hears that his king is awake, he tries to get his wife to free him. When that does not pan out he waits for the moment to see Ragnar, who will certainly kill him. Now that Ragnar is awake and moving he confronts Floki, trying to find the reason for him killing the monk. Be it out of jealousy or trying to save Ragnar from the Christan ways, Floki must pay for his crimes.

Princess Gisla marries Rollo

Despite her wishes, Gisla is forced to marry the Rollo. Once in their chambers Rollo forces the people out and instead of consummating the marriage he sleeps. His warriors do not wish to fight Ragnar and don't wish to fight for the Francs that he has married. Now that he is Christian, his men do not wish to follow him so he has them slaughtered in an ambush.

Lagertha rules with Kalf

After bringing the village gold, Kalf announces that he will rule with Lagertha at his side. The family that helped put Kalf in power in Hedeby are offended and feel swindled. These people threaten to take his life if he does not rid himself of Lagertha. After being threatened by these people Kalf has a vote taken. The villagers vote to see if Lagertha will be shunned out. At the end Kalf has his archers kill all those who voted for her to be gone. This number of people killed included the man who previously threatened him.

This episode was a great way to start off the season! Just enough action and dialogue to keep me hooked. I can not wait to find out what happens next!

Vikings season 4 continues Thursdays on History.


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