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This February, watch the premiere of American Sniper only on HBO India in the prime time slot. The film has Bradley Cooper in the lead as the legendary Chris Kyle with Sienna Miller playing his wife, Taya Renae who is on the receiving end of the emotional biographical war drama.

Spring is slowly drawing near and soon it would be knocking at our doors. Before that, February needs to come to an end and we will make merry before the March celebrations begin. This is because HBO India is gearing up for the grand double premiere of the latest biographical war blockbuster, American Sniper this month. The movie is a 2014 release which features Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller as the lead actors who have worked under the directions of Clint Eastwood.

This hollywood war biographical movie is based on a book of the same name depicting the life history of Chris Kyle. It closely follows the American Navy SEAL deployed in Iraq, Chris Kyle who went on to become a marksman that the entire military history of the US has ever seen. With 160 kills to his credit as a result of his four tours during the Iraq war, the man is a legend in himself but also among the prime target of the opposition which is defending itself. Though, Kyle was appreciated for his military victories, the successes were based on his personal compromises. His pinpoint accuracy helped him save many lives but it was actually the war that he could not get off his mind.

Emotions Raw and Fresh

He constantly found himself in the battlefield waging a war somewhere down inside that left him distant and alienated. The continuous battle always leaves his wounds open, thus, giving blunt insights into his physical and psychological health. The story is fresh, raw and vivid in its details of what goes on in a human mind when he is left to face the cruelties of life. Bradley Cooper does a shape-shifter when he swiftly changes gears from being a ruthless sniper to a humble family man. His portrayal of Kyle is intense, confident and at the same time, vulnerable too.

Back to the Eastwoodian Era

It is an Eastwoodian era and this time, the man has his entire focus upon not those who are being fought against but those who are on the fighting end instead. It is not about how to fight but why to avoid. It is about what happens to the people who are left behind and what it does to them who go back to the civilian life. Bravery speaks out loud for itself but the silence that follows in the aftermath of a war is deafening. The first time Chris hunts down a deer; there is no looking back after that. Years later, he is shown lying on his stomach, cracking down on his enemies through a telescopic sight.

The Man Who Was Terribly Right

The man was so dependable and deadly a killer that Iraqis had put a bounty over his name like he did not seem to care. Though, it is a different story as he is shown being on the same lines of his targets as both the sides suffered equally when the sharpshooting star becomes a target himself. From the first time, he went guilt-driven while taking the life of a young boy to an abrupt shooter aiming at each space between heartbeats, Kyle comes a long way. And, his character is not painted in the shades of grey but is just so right in a terrible way.

Catch up with the television premiere of American Sniper on HBO India for the tragedy of war theatre may leave you stranded on the testing ground of manhood.


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