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Catch the premiere of the Jason Statham starrer movie Wild Card only on HBO India. The film based on the fiction, Heat also stars actors like Sofia Vergara, Michael Angarano, Milo Ventimiglia and Dominik Garcia Lorido in the lead.

It’s the leap year people! Take a leap again by watching the latest blockbusters from our list of Hollywood movies. This year, a number of films are lined up for a premiere on your favourite High Definition channel, HBO India. Tune-in to Wild Card, a film which can turn out to be the newest addition to your bucket list and live a day longer this February. The Simon West venture is a 2015 crime-thriller that stars Jason Statham, Milo Ventimiglia and Michael Angarano in the main lead.

Story of a Vegas Chaperone

The prime time hollywood telecast tells another action story of Statham who seems more than a lethal weapon. Only his punches can talk here as violent payoffs often being unpredictable. He is Nick Wild who calls himself ‘the Vegas chaperone’ doing favours for people in exchange of money. These people are indebted to him in turn making him friendly and generous in character. The finances are actually a relief for his troubles and can pave the way for his intended escape from the town.

His much-desired getaway is Corsica where he intends to go free. He is quite sharp in his moves but not without the cloud of vulnerability that looms large over his head. The latest assignment that he is involved with is for an escort named Holly (Dominik Garcia Lorido) with whom he had a romantic involvement in the past. Nick is required to find the man who raped her as he knows just everybody in the underworld of Vegas.

Man with a Gambling Problem

He only needs to rough up the culprit, Danny DeMarco (Milo Ventimiglia) so that Holly can exact a humiliation with him. After that, Nick should play one final game that is his wild card to Corsica, his land of dreams. And, he is also required to teach his moves to Cyrus Kinnick, a rich software developer played by Michael Angarano. As the flick progresses, you get to discover that the protagonist has donned the identity of a bodyguard only to fulfil his financial aspirations so that he can move to a country far away from home.

Catch the High Voltage Action

The action tale has been adapted from a book, Heat written by the author, William Goldman who has also penned down its screenplay. The 92 minutes’ running film is a multi-starrer with many popular actors forming a part of the cast. Actors like Sofia Vergara, Stanley Tucci and Dominik Garcia-Lorido also feature in the supporting roles. Get some real action to witness this February as Jason Statham plays his character well in the movie for which he also turned a producer.

The Shelly Johnson cinematography does justice in capturing the high voltage action on camera. Watch the box office action thriller hit thrill you this month only on HBO India.


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