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Having not caught up with award-winning actress Tracey Birdsall (Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter, Dawn of the Crescent Moon) for a while, we got in touch with the versatile actress to see what's ahead in her 2016!

Having heard so much about Dance of the Blue Tattoo, we wanted to get an update on the project. Where’s it at Tracey?

Dance of the Blue Tattoo is in Pre-Production right now, looking at beginning principal photography this summer in the island of Gran Canaria. Look for a release in 2017.

Had you worked with anyone on the production before?

Worked with? No. Friends with and colleagues with? Most Definitely. Del Weston, the Director, and I go back many years. He was the one who chose to award me with the Maverick Award for my contributions and talents in the entertainment industry a couple of years ago (a real game changer for me) as the Director of the notorious Action on Film Festival. Matt DeGennario and I have met in prior years at the festival also, so I am proud and honoured to be a part of their newest endeavour.

How do you think your career has changed or evolved in recent years?

I always believed that consistency and doing my finest work was what was required to work constantly and be respected in my industry. I had to chose between constant networking (which was suggested by all in the industry) and taking all time for preparing – which would cost me all of the networking time. I took my chances. I always put much more in every project then is expected of me, and I always have future projects and potential projects on the table. The rules don’t seem to apply if your work is exemplary to others. It has made my career skyrocket, although my downtime is non-existent at best!

Is it fair to say you’re being offered more horror and science-fiction movies?

I’m being offered more of everything now, and my work is consistently cross-genre on purpose. I, of course get offered more science fiction now, as I hadn’t entered science fiction until a few years ago (when I previously would have given up my sports car for such an opportunity)… at least I didn’t say my first child ;)

Do you enjoy physical roles?

Do you enjoy ice cream?! I crave all the aspects of a good role from the emotional twists and turns and arcs, to the physicality no matter how different from my own or how challenging, I love it all right down to the minute detail. I love anything that challenges me in my craft and physicality.

Can you tell us what films of yours are due out this year?

Coming this year:

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2016)

Who’s Jenna…? (2016)

Diary of a Fatman (2016)

At the Edge of Time (late 2016)

And where can we follow you online to keep abreast of the movies?


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