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This article is the second part and last list of the villains/antagonists of movies and TV series, that I hate. The first one mostly dealt with the males, but today, this last one will be pin-pointing the female characters. So here we go.

1. Daisy ( The Great Gatsby )

Daisy Buchanan was glamorous, wealthy, beautiful, and angelic. She also was a very foolish and fragile woman. She was superficial, hard to please, and quite selfish. I've never read the novel, but I've seen the movie many times. I have heard that Daisy, as according to the novel, is even worse than the movie, but she was pretty terrible in the movie, so I could imagine.

Maybe daisy isn't one of the most evil characters ever, but she betrayed the man, Gatsby, who loved and cherished her the most. She married a loser instead of waiting for Gatsby and lived a fancy and fabulous life. She had the opportunity to clear his name of a wrong he didn't do, but she didn't, she ran. She mentioned of what she hoped her daughter would be like, which was to be a "beautiful fool". That says a lot about her character and what's in her heart. I have a strong irritation with Daisy.

2. Veronica Harrington ( The Haves and the Have Nots )

Many may not be familiar with this character or this show. It comes on the OWN channel only and is made by Tyler Perry. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of the show but I do find myself keeping updated on what happens or watching it when I see someone else is. Even though I don't watch this show much, one thing remains the same, my hate of Veronica Harrington.

Veronica is wealthy and dignified. She is full of herself, hateful, prejudice, and inconsiderate of others, even her own family. The reality of that is, she really isn't as respectable and classy as she likes to think she is, she's a mess on the inside. She would never like to get her hands dirty with any crime so she would initiate others to do it for her in secret, so she can still look glamorous in the spotlight. It's not just sometimes she's evil or malicious, its every single time she is on the screen.

3. Blair Waldorf ( Gilmore Girls )

Blair is simply gorgeous, she's wealthy, fashionable, and she knows everything about everyone. I am 2 seasons in on Gilmore Girls so I don't know everything about it quite yet. One thing I do know is that Blair plays both the protagonist and antagonist in this series. Blair is selfish, harsh, inconsiderate, spoiled, and extremely controlling. She is mainly concerned for herself and she is always ready to have vengeance.

At the same time, who she is deep down is a girl who wants to be loved and feel special. She can be a great friend and feel sympathy for even the people who are against her. However, she rarely ever shows that side of her and prefers being the mean brat. She is a a classic mean girl worthy of being hated.

4. Norma Bates ( Bates Motel )

Norma is a massive headache, not only to the other characters in the series, but to us, the fans who watch. Initially and upfront, Norma is a nice and honest woman who is a good mother. However, when you look under the mask she wears and see beyond the act she plays, you see the true story.

Norma has serious anger issues, she's obsessive, and is always getting in some serious trouble that ends up effecting everyone else around her. She helped make her son, Norman, into the weird and psychotic guy he is. She can't let him grow up and she let their relationship, as mother and son, become something very disturbing and out of line. She wants to be this superwoman and supermom, but she is not. Also, can I just say that the way she cries is also very annoying, and sadly, she does a lot of it.

5. Lori Grimes ( The Walking Dead )

I tried my very best to not include Lori on this list, but it was inevitable that she would be. No, she's not technically a villain but she made things harder for Rick, so she is a villain in my eyes and almost every other fan. I think that I may be the only fan of this show who tried to have some mercy on Lori. However, that mercy faded throughout her time on this show. I don't have to go through all the details of why Lori was so irritating, I think we all know. Sleeping with her husband's best friend, never keeping track of her son, always nagging at Rick and challenging him, etc. No man should have Lori as a wife during the apocalypse.

6. Lilith Sullivan ( Case 39 )

Lilith was a little girl, who was abused by her parents. She was saved from her parents and taken in by a social worker, Emily Jenkins. We soon find out that Lilith was not at all innocent or sweet. This little girl had the devil in her (literally).

She put Emily through hell and threatened her life if she would ever try and get rid of her. She didn't want any particular thing, other then to just make Emily's like miserable and fill her with fear. She was terrifying and an annoying little brat. She would have made anyone want to trap her in the trunk of a car and let it drive into a lake, (watch the movie and you'll understand).

7. Emma Hill ( The Following )

Emma was an unstable girl from the beginning, all because of her bad home life and upbringing. To make matters worse, she meets up with a influential serial killer Joe Carroll and somehow, she becomes his most devoted follower and falls in love with him. She turns into a vicious serial killer as Joe was, following after the path of this love of her life. She even killed her own boyfriend, who she did care for, all because of him. She did everything in the name of Joe.

It's already insane enough that she was a psycho, in love with a filthy serial killer, and joined that killers cult, but she also was whiny, sensitive, and a complainer.

8. Nancy Dawn ( The Craft )

Nancy was a young , practicing witch. She used spells and her abilities for dark and personal matters. To add to that, she was also psychotic, emotionally unstable, and had a very bad home life. She was so emotionally unstable and damaged she could make you almost feel bad for her, while still being so twisted and evil that you couldn't wait for something terrible to happen to her. It was understood early on that she was going to be the one that becomes serious trouble and loses her mind, which is exactly what happens. She was an agonizing and even terrifying to watch throughout this movie.

9. Katrina Crane ( Sleepy Hollow )

Who Katrina was, I loved; who she became, I loathed. At first she was the long-lost wife of Ichabod Crane we all hoped to see and love, then she became the secret keeping, unloving long-lost wife we all were sick of. At every given moment she put Ichabod last and kept things from him, while Ichabod loved her, fought for her, and always considered her. If you ask me, she couldn't have a more awesome husband, but apparently she didn't think so at all. She also effected the whole team because she always had another plan that often made things harder or longer of a process. She also ended up turning on them for her psychotic son.

At the end of the matter, I loved Katrina but she was becoming too big of a problem that she definitely needed to either die or just vanish away for everybody's sake, and for that I loathe her because she didn't have to let things get to that point.

10. Amanda Waller ( Arrow )

It's hard to tell if Amanda Waller is good or evil on this show. I get that she, as a character, is suppose to be a tough and demanding woman in a powerful position. However, I had no idea that everytime she would appear on this show, I would just want someone to beat her down. She is unkind, cold, cruel, and harsh. She's like sandpaper. Sure, she is the woman to go to when a job needs to get done, but she is always all too willing to do "whatever is necessary". Even if that means killing innocent people or betraying the only ones who help her. I hope there is more to her then what is just shown, because so far all I know about her is how terrible she is as a person.


Who do you think is the worst woman on this list?


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