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This month has become great for movies. Be it an R-rated comic book movie, a sequel to a cult comedy, or a heist story, February has given us a great lineup n 2016. One movie that stands out to me is the biopic 'Eddie the Eagle'. It could be because the athlete, Eddie Edwards, was born in the same town as my dad, or it could be because it was about the 1988 Winter Olympics which took place in Calgary, the city I call home. Either way, I was excited to go to a pre-screening and I enjoyed the movie.

Is it worth checking out? Absolutely! Here are the very reasons why you should catch the uplifting tale of Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards.

The Story

For those of you who don't know, Eddie Edwards was Britain's ski jumper at the Winter Olympics in Calgary in 1988. As shown in the trailer and the movie, Eddie has a deep love for sport despite having knee troubles as a child and being long-sighted. In fact, the main reason he got on the team was because he was the only ski jumper in the country. So now, he has to compete against better, more prepared athletes and prove himself as a great ski jumper.

Taron's Performance

Moviegoers know him for his outgoing performance as super-spy Eggsy, but in this movie, Taron Egerton acting is a bit more low-key and grounded in reality as he's portraying an actual person. This approach works in his favor because Taron knocks it out of the park as Eddie, making the character instantly relatable, easy to like, and always seem optimistic even when the cards are stacked against him. If 'Kingsman' wasn't a big enough breakout role for him, this will certainly help him turn some heads.

The Cinematography

Given that the sporting events take place on a mountain, you're definitely going to see some breath-taking establishing shots. The close-ups and POVs when Eddie goes down a jump really adds a sense of intensity and gives the viewer the feeling of being there when Eddie trains for the Olympics. And the feeling intensifies as the movie progresses because at the end, you know he'll be jumping with the whole world watching.

The Strong Chemistry

Hugh Jackman does an astounding job as Eddies' coach ex-ski jumper Bronson Peary. Although Bronson is a fictional character created just for the movie, the chemistry between the two actors works extremely well and it gives a touch of sentimentality, especially since Peary is battling alcoholism during the majority of the movie.

In the end, 'Eddie the Eagle' has a lot going for it, the acting is superb, the jump sequences are phenomenal and even if you've already know the story, you're going to have a lot of fun with this movie.


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