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Every fortune has a cost, Uncharted 4's new trailer warns us. The question is, will our intrepid adventurer Nathan Drake sacrifice love, or even life, in the pursuit of priceless treasures?

Billed as the last chapter in Naughty Dog's outstanding series, A Thief's End looks like it may well surpass sky-high expectations — at least, if this dazzling new trailer is anything to go by. As this is likely the last story tease before the game's April release (which, after two delays, cannot come soon enough!), make sure you savor every frame:

As you can see, Drake is hot on the trail of a fabled cache of pirate treasure supposedly hidden in a mythical “lost colony” known as Libertalia. This time, however, Nate's believed-to-be-dead brother, Sam, is on board for the ride.

"We were meant for this, Nathan. You, me, together."

Are we in for another childhood prequel level, like we saw in the last game?

"We were destined for something great."

I've got a bad feeling about the past tense 'were' in this sentence.

Paradise awaits...

The visuals are nothing short of astounding. Cue John Williams's rousing score, along with a wandering Brontosaurus.

Relationship troubles

The game continues to explore themes touched upon in Uncharted 3 concerning Nate's unhealthy obsession with death-defying adventure, jeopardizing his relationship with Elena."If you're done lying to me then you should stop lying to yourself," she tells him.

Old friends and new faces

This fellow treasure hunter urges Nate to forget all this pirate business and go home, before it gets nasty.

Father figure?

We see this man broken out of jail in the trailer — could it be Nate and Sam's father? "So, are you ready to seek your fortune?"

There's still much mystery surrounding Uncharted 4's narrative, which is a good thing. I can't wait to start uncovering the game's secrets when it finally hits shelves.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is set for release April 26.

Will 'Uncharted 4' really be this thief's end?

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