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The Marcia f*cking Brady of the Upper East Side is officially back, and we couldn't be more excited!

Sarah Michelle Gellar took to Instagram to alert the secret society a.k.a. every Cruel Intentions fan on the planet, that she's 100% on board for the TV reboot. Yes kids, Kathryn Merteuil is back.

The post was captioned,

(a bit early in Los Angeles) this picture was taken on the eve of production on the original . Its me (director) and (exec producer) and the other is a picture of us now on the eve of production on the new . That's right "everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way" is back!!! I am happy to say that I will be joining them (and @nbctv ) on the new

Clearly Sarah Michelle Gellar is still looking as 'f*ck your brains out' fabulous as she did when Cruel Intentions first graced our lives back in 1999, making it unbelievable that almost 20 years have passed. According to NBC, the sequel series will pick up straight after the original's bittersweet finale:

The narrative will follow:

"The beautiful and cunning Kathryn Merteuil as she vies for control of Valmont International as well as the soul of Bash Casey, the son of her brother, who was the late Sebastian Valmont, and Annette Hargrove. Upon discovering his late father's legacy in a hidden journal, Bash is introduced to a world of sex, money, power, and corruption he never could have imagined."

So Kathryn's still on top form, scheming, diddling her way around Manhattan, and being a total bitch. I can't wait to see this in action and obviously, I'm not alone:

So, I think we're all agreed that this is amazing news.

Now can we talk SMG into sorting out the I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot too plz?

How do you feel about Sarah Michelle Gellar reprising this iconic role?

Source: Buzzfeed


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